October 28th, 2010


World Fantasy Con Day 1

Well I'm feeling rather fuddy duddyish since I'm in my room already, however stuff happened to me today that feels like it would be hard to top now, even if I were to meet yet more awesome people in the bar with jonathanstrahan. And I think the Crohn's is being held at bay and I'd kinda like to try and keep it that way, if I can. Especially given the 5 plane flights looming up in front of me at the other side of the weekend.

So. Last night I hung around and mooched on Twitter till jonathanstrahan finally called my room and told me they were meeting in the hotel bar. His plane got delayed in Chicago but he was still in good spirits. It was so lovely to finally meet up with him after being pretty much on my own for the last week. And I am missing the accent of home. Plus I got to see my friend - we hang out a lot at home but even so, we are always having to rush off to other commitments so its nice to be able to have a five hour conversation if we want to. PLUS! OMG - *other* people here want to have the same kind of conversations we have! Normally people roll their eyes and wander off when we get started! Here, at WFC, we get to have the same conversation over breakfast and then lunch and then dinner!

Anyway, we had a lovely long dinner with a bunch of people last night before ending up in the bar for more seabreezes and tomfoolery. Basically, jonathanstrahan knows a looooooot of people. So I am getting to slowly meet a loooooot of people! I went to bed quite late and STILL woke up around 5/5.30. What the hell timezone does my body think we're on?

This morning I had a fantastic breakfast. We wandered out of the hotel in search of good coffee and ended up at the nearest best other option, Starbucks. I bought an Ohio mug and a caramel macchiato. If it can't be good coffee, at least it can be caramel flavoured. (Depending on my luggage goes, and presents shopping, I might pick up mugs in Chicago and LA on the way back. Although, really I've mostly stopped collecting and also I am so sick of my luggage at this point - I have 4 bags) And then we eventually managed to register at the con. We did the obligatory grab the show bag, go through the showbag and figure out what out of the showbag you wanna keep and what is going to end up on the exchange table. I lucked out big time with hardcovers of both Holly Black's White Cat and also the Best of Gene Wolfe. I parted with nearly everything else.

Then we headed out to the dealers room - I am so grateful to the Locus team and Fran and Liza in particular for fighting for Twelfth Planet Press to be in the Dealers Room. I don't know what I would have done with all those books otherwise! I haven't brought all the titles with me but Glitter Rose has been a big hit - it's still very pretty and demands being picked up and handled (saucy book that she is). I even sold one to a collector! I was so excited!!!

Here is my perspective at my dealer's table spot:

And here is a pic of Fran, whom I'm sharing the table with from Locus. You can tell we have clicked and are having a great time. We're almost the only female dealers in the room and certainly almost the only female dealers under 35. It's kinda interesting ...

I'm having a great time. Meeting lots of people. Talking to lots of people. Learning all kinds of new things! And seeing all kinds of books, old and new!

Tonight we had a surprise by chance dinner that was totally unplanned with a writer whom I really greatly admire. That was so much fun. And then we headed back to the bar where we continued to hang out with people. And then I had to turn in!