October 30th, 2010


WFC Day 2 (I think)

I finally found an espresso machine and someone who knows how to use it and started yesterday with a somewhat decent cup of coffee - vanilla latte. I'm just about to pop back there now for today's breakfast. And yay for finally having an uninterrupted night's sleep, if still not for 8 hours.

I was in the dealer's room for most of yesterday. I opened up the table and managed to sell a few Locus subscriptions as well as a couple of books before Fran came down to join me. Made me feel like I was working my keep. Course you can't be in that kind of dealer's room all day and not spend money yourself. I picked up these:

Hanging with Locus was cool cause all sorts of people came by to sit during the day and I had all kinds of conversations that you'd hope to have at WFC. We had to pop out for a very early dinner because the book signings started at 8pm so at like 5.30 we headed off to the Burgundy Lounge for tapas. The most bizarre woman took our orders - reprimanding us for being too chatty amongst ourselves and then NOT stopping talking herself about the "general rule" for how many dishes we should order. Hint she didn't have a general rule. Damn it was funny. I had a flirtini and luckily there was another vegetarian at the table so there were lots of dishes and noone really felt like one person was too heavily weighting the choices. I've never had ravioli like that before - sorta crunching and deep fried.

And then we went to THE ICECREAM PLACE! Everytime I told someone I was coming to Columbus Ohio they told me to find the ice cream place! Luckily Barry had been the night before and was like, oh yeah it's here. And we went and OMG YES this is the place you need to eat at before you die. Too many insane flavours.


Coffee (so authetic!), Cayenne Chcolate (SO SPICY AND GOOD) and Salty Caramel (the perfect balance). Jonathan had the same choices as me randomly without comparing. And I sampled Holly's - she had an anise spice one which was also quite spicey but had more depth in flavour.

Then we went back to the signings which were insane! After me saying how I don't get them for like an hour and a half and teasing, I got Holly to sign my White Cat and yeah, well, there's something about some kind of signings, I guess.

Lots of bar action after that. Um. I wasn't old enough for the conversation at the time and I'm certainly not any older in the morning to type it up.

Let's just say, after two great days, I got the WFC bug - I was always intending to go every two years but I think now that's not gonna be enough. I already had bought my 2011 membership ages ago and had been thinking I couldn't afford it. But now I need to figure out how to make it work.