October 31st, 2010


Weird Food 3

Today's weird food mostly comes from some parties I cruised past this evening:

The Hershey Bar I bought as fuel between end of Dealer's Room and dinner. Mostly I bought it to remember what American chocolate tastes like.

The others were ... interesting. The Almond Bar was kinda like a Bounty but almondy.

I nearly got poisoned at the Edge party. I tried one of the delicious (boob with big nipple looking apparently) truffles. I put the whole thing in my mouth and was thinking "yum, a hazelnutty truffle" when Liza said something about it being peanut butter. The look in my eyes at that had her pointing the bathroom out to me! You just wouldn't think peanut butter would be as prevalent as it is.

Sorta food related - I forgot to blog that last night as we walking down the street we came across a small dog dressed as a hot dog. And then the hot dog dog met another dog and reared up and became and angry hot dog dog. I believe I squealed for some time in laughter in the middle of the street.


Quiet Observations

I've really had a fantastic 12 days. It's not the kind of holidays most people would take and I was concerned that it would be a mostly working holiday for me and I would resent at the end of the year that this was what I did with all my annual leave this year. But I really do think I've had both a relaxing and revitalising time.

One of the really awesome things for me has been to observe and meet so many awesomely fantastic, powerful and successful women. In my day job life I don't have that many role models. It's been a true honour to meet so many of these women and get to talk to them. And also to watch more than a few happy marriages where the woman is the one shining right now and her partner is supportive about that. It's not something I had in my previous relationships and it is something I have now so it's important to me. And it's also important to me to know that long and healthy marriages can exist where the woman is successful and her partner is proud of that.

Not that most of those women are not struggling against constraints but it's been a real opportunity to discuss those too.

It's been fun.

There was a moment last night where I turned to Liza and said, "see men (male bosses) would not apologise or worry about that (their behaviour/reaction)" and she said to me, "that's what makes women fabulous."

And *that's* what I'm gonna take home with me :)


WFC Day 3

So what did we get up to yesterday? I met Jonathan and Farah for a good coffee and muffin first thing in the morning and after lively conversation headed to the dealers room. I nabbed myself the last copy of Zombies Vs Unicorns and sold a few of my own books.

I had a really great lunch meeting with Cherry who talked me through a bunch of contract and business type things about the publishing business and told me to get more hard noses. Was cool.

I got to participate in a Coode St Podcast with Jonathan and Gary and Karen!, live from the dealers room! You can listen to that here. I might have bought myself a ring. And did some more personing my dealers table all afternoon.

In the evening, Liza invited me along to dinner with her crew and we walked 15 minutes, avoided a street fight, to a very nice restauarant where I had linguini. Met some cool people and joked around. And then we headed back to the parties. Liza and I popped in and out of them all - was good. It was good to move on once they got too crowded and thus hot.

Eventually I had to head to bed - balancing food, water and sleep with the Crohns kinda works out. Though it took me an hour to actually get to my room. The lifts are a nightmare to ride but just as mine arrived, I bumped into some writers I'm working with and got the opportunity to talk in person about the project. Then when I finally got to my room my damn key didn't work. I fucking hate cards for keys.

Anyway, in the end I got to bed! And now I get to go have breakfast with J.


WFC Day 4

This will likely be the last post before I embark on my travels. I hear the puppy has not been well behaved on his holidays - apparently he dug himself out of his caged run 3 times before finally being allowed to stay in the house. He's persistent like that. I'm intensely thankful that maelkann has kindly offered to pick up Benji and thus I don't have to do it - bit like having to front up to school when your kid has misbehaved.

Today was the last day of the con which basically means a late start because everyone is well hungover from Saturday night parties. In fact, the dealers room didn't open til 11 (which I thought was an excellent idea). Then there is the awards banquet at 1pm. The awards themselves. And it's all over, bye, see you next year!

I had a very lazy breakfast with jonathanstrahan. We talked over last night - we both did separate things thus has many stories to trade as currency. Then we met people in the bar before I headed off to the dealers room for a bit of trading. I had discovered that I didn't get sized for the ring I bought which I've arranged to get resized and posted to me. I sorted that out and had another browse of all the stock. I'm very happy with the ring I have chosen, it's exactly the right choice. And kinda funny cause I haven't worn a ring in over a year and suddenly got a desire to.

At 1pm we headed off to the banquet hall for the awards banquet. I sat with the Locus crew and Ellen Klages and the Straubs and after some minor seating kerfuffles we all sat down and enjoyed a very lovely meal. And then the awards came round and you've no doubt heard that both Jonathan and Margo nabbed awards. But Jonathan very much did not think he was going to win and I have to say that my absolute favourite moment of the con was sitting next to my friend when he won a World Fantasy Award the very first time he was nominated. He was genuinely shocked and surprised and that made it so fabulous. And I was very proud. Peter Straub also won two awards - one for Life Time Achievement - so that was very very exciting! And Gene Wolfe won for best collection (I think?) and I teared up his speech was so moving, especially the bit where he said that he wished the young Gene Wolfe could be here to see this since he was the one who wrote most of the collection. He was barely holding it together and it was really very touching.

After the excitement and all, and the fussing and whatnot, Jonathan and I headed off to have celebratory ice cream, since we had agreed we would go either way. I had Star Anise, Wildberry lavendar and Gravel Road. Delicious!

There was bar hanging. And then dinner - a bunch of us - Gary, Mark, Fran, Jonathan and Peter and Susan - headed off down the street and ended up at this unbelievable Italian restaurant called Martini. Oh my gosh it was very fancy and very very good food. So classy. In fact all the meals I've had here in Columbus have been out of the ballpark good. There is really really good food here.

And now I must bid you good night for I am up at 5am to get to the airport in time for my flight.

I have had such an amazing time. I can't wait for San Diego (hey, will you dogsit for me?)