November 1st, 2010


in LA

I'm sitting at my gate even though I still have another 3 hours to board. I've collected and rechecked in my luggage. I've gone to the toilet (for long time readers, I have used a public toilet in nearly every airport I've visited this trip). I've even had dinner in the sportsbar here and watched the SF Giants win the World Series with a bunch of Giants fans who made lots of noise when it happened. I've found internet - which might run out in 3 mins.

And I managed to get hold of maelkann and tell him that I get home Weds not Tues as I had told him before. I forgot about the time difference and only found out at Dulles. Yeah. He'd taken today off from work to surprise me, and got food and sorted the puppy. And I fucked it up. I sat in Starbucks and cried about it. Been a long trip so far and I'm only a third of the way done.

I haven't managed to sleep at all on any of the flights yet. I've got Benadryl for this one and am hoping that might help me out. I feel like a walking zombie with hangover right now. And am looking forward to getting home.

I had such a great time at WFC and probably haven't blogged it all yet but that will happen.

I'm also going to do some blogging in honour of NaNo but that will have to start tomorrow and you'll have to excuse me for missing the days- I definitely lost one which wasn't my fault somewhere along here.