November 5th, 2010



In solidarity for those doing NaNoWriMo this year, I thought I would take the month of November to give myself a lifestyle makeover, at highspeed. The idea of NaNo is to prove that you can write a novel by just *doing it* and by not getting hung up on perfect output of the first draft. And doing something at highspeed distracts from the fear of failure.

I've drafted out a list of things that I want to do in this month but have been hampered for most of this first week by firstly travelling and then secondly being bowled over with jetlag. I haven't even been able to finish this damn blog post for a day and a half. I might just end up doing my month into December to make up for it. I'll be blogging regularly as well over at twelfthplanet as part of this.

I just asked editormum how I normally do ALL this - I'm struggling to keep up with my inbox alone at the moment. Her answer was: "Well, that's actually a question that we've never REALLY been able to answer!" It's really a very disconcerting feeling to be aware your brain is not up to speed and really have no idea how you get back there and not being able to juggle things the way you know you normally do. Kinda hating this. Though today is somewhat better than yesterday.