November 14th, 2010


End of the weekend already?

I've spent the last couple of hours chilling out. I have been trying out a new philosophy the last month or so in my approach towards life and it's actually been working out quite well. Maybe that's for another post but this afternoon I've been watching a bit of teev and sewing up cassiphone's block for the quilting circle and doing a bit of reading for the AAs. And maybe a little bit of email answering and a tad of proofing but mostly kicking back!

And I'm eating an apple! Surprising but true. And it's instead of chocolate! More shock. Another of the November lifestyle overhauls is in how and what we eat. On Friday maelkann and I finally sat down and placed a weekly order with Coles for delivery. It's us hoping to get into a proper meal routine both in terms of planning ahead and ingredients being there at the end of the day and also for better money management (less takeout, more economic thoughtfulness with meal planning) and a little bit of eating better in fitting in with the Couch to 5 K goal. I have to admit that I fell a little bit further for him in this whole process :)

We ordered the box of seasonal fruit and vegetables and I'm back playing the game find something to make or a way to eat all the items within. Which is why I am sitting here eating an apple. But hey, they sent me fujis. It's as though they knew!

And this morning we started the second week of the Couch to 5 k. I'm kinda hanging out for week 4 of this bizzo which I'm hoping will both mean I am stuck in the routine and it makes me feel good (and hurts less) and is easier. Cause right now it just hurts. A lot. Though I have a lovely boyfriend who is running along next to me shouting encouragement and not letting me quit. And right now that's almost the only good bit about this. I'll check in later on with this goal and attempt to be more upbeat about it. Right now I hate that this is the most out of shape I've ever been and that it never hurt this much kickstarting to fit before. Yuch.

Last night maelkann and I headed off to the rollerderby. We're hooked on it! It was another fun night out. I love so much about it - how the players have ridiculous numbers on the back of their shirts (like 792 or 14DD or M4) and cheezy but funny names and over the top Rocky Horror face makeup and sequined shorts. And then it's kinda rough - the skaters aren't quite rough enough and they telegraph all their moves and mostly fall over not because someone really took them out and the crowd cheers cause they want to see women get violent. But the women are playing a rough sport and that's pretty cool that there's very little that is girly about it. I was disappointed though by the halftime entertainment which included a poledancer. Kinda took away the subversive element a bit for me. Especially since, mostly, body image is not what this sport is about - there are players of all kinds of bodyshapes and sizes. And they all wear crazy clothes and it doesn't matter.

Yesterday morning I caught up with narrelle for brunch and had a long and meandering conversation about writing, books, life and the universe. And it was lovely to see her snarky self in person.

And there was family - mine and maelkann's. And craft. And Swancon meeting. And friends.

And I kinda ticked a bunch of boxes of what I want to be doing in life this weekend, I guess. Would have been good if I had gotten more TPP done. But Above/Below moved further towards getting to the printers. So. It's all good.

And soon it is Monday. Again.