November 20th, 2010


so how am I doing?

It's one full week since getting back into online grocery shopping with delivery. I'm hoping it will be a regular thing but at the moment, we look to have enough food for more than a week. We calculated to have cooked at least one more meal, I think. Possibly two. And the medium fruit and veg box definitely was more than a week's worth - for the amount that we eat now. Maybe, hopefully, that will change in time.

For now, I'm still trying to use up all the perishables instead of opting for eating out or prepackaged foods and throwing out the waste. I made a veggie tomato sauce last night for over the gnocchi and used a zucchini, carrot, onion, garlic and half the mushrooms. Normally we would have skipped the veggies and just gone for sauce on gnocchi. So that's a win. I'm still eyeing off the bunch of broccoli and a few other things. We've done less well on the fruit and I might make a few baked goods to use at least the bananas up. Bananas are tough to digest, so I can only eat them like a second before they have ripened too far. It's a balancing act.

I'm cooking more. And cleaning up more and faster. And I baked a gluten free date loaf which is there in the kitchen for eating. It's been a long time since I baked without purpose. It would be good if I could bake to replace the bought muffin in the morning - both for the $$ and also for the gluten free and control of what I eat aspect.

Improvements all round, I'd say. Now to maintain and continue.