November 22nd, 2010


One of those days

Had a rough day at work - more so rough cause I was hard on myself about stuff rather than it actually being a big deal. M declared it "blown out of proportion" and it was. Still, it sucked all the hours out of the day. Though right in the middle of stuff, my sister sent me a photo of my niece standing. That brought a smile to my face!

I did get back into running today. I think Mondays are good for me, my most energy for the week. I restarted Week 2 of the Couch 2 5K because I'd not made it through it last week and kinda bailed on running for the week after the start. It was not bad - still better than the first go at this level way back last Sunday. So that was good. Though, I did take the wrong key with me out running and ended up locked out so my 30 minutes of exercise turned into over an hour whilst I waited for my Mum to come and let me in! Doh!!

Grabbed some sewing time. I've almost made it all the way through my stash for the charm quilt. Now to make all those triangles work with each other. I'm trying to finish off a couple of projects over this end of year break in prep for a new project I'm doing with my Mum next year and with the idea of maybe starting to get through some of my stash. I'm currently pondering the idea of stash - what it is and what it's for.

And now it's bedtime and that was Monday.