November 27th, 2010



6 hours later I have finally remembered why I opened this tab to update my blog. That's pretty bad huh? Shows how scattered my brain is. And you know what this space was going to be? A todo list for today and tomorrow. Yeah. Huh.

Not. Good.

I have done stuff though. But in a haphazard, scattered way. With no plan. Etc. A plan would be good though.

Up til now, I have:

- updated some TPP listings at Smashwords to ensure a couple of the titles will get full distribution. And discovered that there have been some off Smashwords sales for some of our ebooks. Also that most of our titles are queued to be shipped to Amazon but have not yet gone.
- packaged up some ASif! review copies (sorry for the delay!)
- updated some financials
- packaged up some awards review copies
- read Ponies by Kij Johnson (!! I need a hug)
- read a submission for 12 Planets
- worked on Swancon programming

- Got some morale boosting. Always important

But I will write a todo list tonight. Cause whilst that looks ok above, it's actually all the small stuff that should be done round the big things (cept for the programming bit)

More. Later.
ball of yarn


Gah! The socks I have been knitting represent everything about this week.

My Mum is going away over Xmas to colder climes and requested a couple of pairs of knitted socks. She put her request in months ago but I am only just finished off the first pair now. I knit one at WFC and the other half in a WASFF meeting but then I ran out of yarn.

I checked with my Mum as to what she wanted and she didn't care if I knit the rest in a different colourway. So this weekend I brought the rest of the socks down with me to C's to knit. I get all the way to the end of the sock, which looks a bit silly partly in one colouring and partly in another, and then I kitchener the toe, get to the end and see I dropped a darn stitch! So I carefully unkitchener the toe, pick up the stitch and rekitchener it. It now looks crappy due to the fuzzing of the unpicked stitches.

Then I returned to the first one and unpicked the kitchener toe of that one cause I did it by memory at Capclave and mussed it up. I don't want my mum to get a blister when wearing the sock. But of course it was all caught up and I had to cut a bit of the thread and accidentally unpicked too many rows and then had not enough yarn left when I went to reknit it. So this one has like 3 rows of the new yarn as well.

They are a pair of socks.
But they look like crap.

And my mother will still like them cause she doesn't care about that shit. But she deserved a nicer pair of socks :(

I cast on a new pair with the second ball of yarn. Maybe these will go better.