November 28th, 2010


I have been remiss

I am catching up on all things, and here are a few reviews and whatnot I haven't posted about yet.

Kate Elliott wrote a lovely review of Glitter Rose recently:

The collection has lovely writing, first of all, and a nuanced and mature sense of characterization, by which I mean that people have mixed and ambivalent motives and aren't all one thing or another, and the journey the narrator makes through the four stories is complex and felt, to me, true to the human condition. It also has a strong sense of place, and I am picky about sense of place. It is clear to me that the author knows and understands her landscape and how landscape flows through and changes people.

And of the book, itself, she said:

Twelfth Planet Press has produced a simply excellent book as a physical object. It's nice to hold and nice to look at and nice to read as pure physical considerations. This is something small presses can do very well indeed, and TPP has done it.

Glitter Rose is currently on sale for $32 (for p+H to Australia) as part of the Twelfth Planet Press Silly Season Sale, with no frills attached postage.

TPP also has a really lovely half page spread in Scoop magazine this month, featuring a review of Glitter Rose and a short interview with me. Of Glitter Rose, Scoop magazine says:

This collection of short stories paints an evocative picture of a strange new environment, against which the corruptions and frailties of its characters are laid bare.

Finally, I had time this week to set up the Twelfth Planet Press E-book Store at the website. I've been wanting to have a separate section for just our E-books for a while now and was hoping to set it up with the next round of electronic titles we're about to release. But a lot of people have started asking where our E-books are, or thinking that small press in Australia doesn't do E-books. We've had titles at Smashwords for almost two years now, I think. But I have now collected what we do have all in one place. Come back after Xmas to check out some other specials in our electronic range which we should have available by then.