November 30th, 2010


Coming to Swancon Thirty Six| Natcon Fifty?

For those who do not hang out at the Swancon LJ community and haven't signed up for the Swancon RSS Feed to get all your up to the minute and live updates on *things*, you might be interested in registering to participate in all manner of programme related activities. Cruise on past the Swancon website and fill in the easy register form to let us know who you are, what you know and what you desperately want (or don't want) to talk about.

Go on - you know you wanna! Come past and say hi!

Also, if you're thinking of bringing your kids along - pop past and fill in Fe's form. She wants to know who is coming so she can properly cater activities and the like for Family Activities.


Life. What's that again?

Well, maelkann has finished his uni units for the year so that means that we are back to weekend friends. Which is great because now I have all that spare time to fill with work

How is it nearly humpday already?

And December?

This year has kinda frightened me a little. I mean, it's been great and I think my What I Did This Year list will be pretty decent and all but dayum this year sped by at high speed. And you know, it is almost past tense for the year because really, December ends like on the 19th. Everyone gives up caring about those last coupla days.

We have a baby coming in my immediate family. And my parents are preparing for a big trip which I am really excited for them about. And me, I am working all the way through on account of using up all my annual leave trading for TPP at conventions. Though I ran my idea of catered afternoon teas past the other person in my team who will be working through Xmas so at least we will have that.

I'm working pretty hard. I spose that's not any different though I guess I feel differently about it. I was single for a decent stretch there and I filled my time up with things. Now I'm not single and I'm starting to eye off a lot of those commitments. I'm looking forward to taking a bit of a break from new commitments next year. I mean, yes, that's laughable with the publishing schedule I have for 2011. But Twelfth Planet Press is mine and that makes a difference, if that makes sense.

This weekend gone was so hot and I suggested to maelkann that we go get icecream so we headed down to the foreshore and sat and ate icecream. And I realised that I want to do a lot more of that and a lot less of the other, for a bit. Also I worked all weekend long and I watched him play computer games and nap and cook and I was a bit jealous of that. It'd be nice to have time to just ... try baking a new cheesecake recipe or something completely frivolous. And I should not be even tempting myself with such ideas given the books I still need to publish on a pretty unforgiving timeline.

I'm expecting Edward Teach/Apocalypse to arrive any day now - the books were dispatched on Monday so probably tomorrow. I do love packaging up and sending out preorders. That's one of my favourite things to do.

Above/Below is at final layout proofing stage so should be off to the printers before the end of this week. Yay. I should have preorders available for it this week too.

And we're at editing stage for Nightsiders - bout halfway through, I guess, which is good pacing. We have some pretty cool developments we've been working on this weekend too for this series. I'm excited to see how they work out.

So it's full steam ahead and I'm still behind!

December. I'm so not ready for you - 45 minutes away.