December 5th, 2010


Bits and pieces

Can't sleep. For the last week or so. Started taking valerian last night and being conscious about my defragging before bed time. Here's hoping it works tonight.

Almost got nothing done for TPP this weekend - tried to stop before I hit the wall by taking time out this weekend. Sort of. Time out AND the Sunday routine of sitting in a meeting. These ones are at the Como which means they come with espresso coffees and potato skin nachos (if that's what you order. Recommended).

Saw friends. Spent a lot of time with maelkann this weekend. Saw a lot of the freeway. Caught up on podcasts - I'd fallen behind after my US trip where I listened to A LOT of podcasts and OD'ed. I had to listen to the radio when I got back because I couldn't bear anyone talking at me for well over a month. And then, like always, I eased back in with the smooth dulcet tones of Brenda Dayne and her knitting podcast Cast On (yes there are knitting podcasts. Brenda's is THE Knitting Podcast and has been running for 5 years now). In fact her podcast inspired me to want to do one of my own. I still want to do a craft podcast. I love checking in with her weekly to hear about what projects she's finished and started and where she's up to and what interests her. I tried to replicate it on my lj but was not consistently successful with that. Still, I got inspired to both get back to crafting and to listen to podcasts. Caught up on Boxcutters, Bad Film Diaries and The Coode St this weekend. A. Lot. Of. Driving.

Had a formal work dinner thing of maelkann's on Friday. Due to a misshap, all my extra time was eaten up in driving and I arrived at his place with SEVEN minutes to glam up into formal gear and makeupify. I chose to stand there and cry. See para 1. But we made it in time. He is quite good at talking to crying-meltdown!GJ. And we ended up having a really lovely time, despite my predinner whinge on twitter. There were lots of people, I met his boss, we sat with some great people, the food was excellent (and hot) and well, I got to accompany a sailor dressed in formal wear. :)

And I should say that there was all that drama on Friday, it followed drama on Thursday. Had an OCD moment. First in a while. See para 1. Where I came upon something that I was unable to deal with. Thank you gross doggie. I smsed maelkann and asked him for help and he got in his car, drove an hour to my house to clean up a doggie mess I could not deal with. AND he brought me distractor chocolate. I did make him dinner to make up for it but then I cut my finger really badly on HELLO sharp knife. See Para 1.

So. Yes. Full week of fun.