December 8th, 2010


And in publishing news ...

Today I saw the first concepts for the cover of Nightsiders. I love watching Amanda work. I think I'm starting to love watching the design side of things as much as I love watching writing come together. It's fascinating to watch things develop and to provide feedback and see what the artist/writer does with that.

And then I took a step back and realised that we are now working at a pretty full schedule. We're working on the final edits and some proofing already for Nightsiders. Last week The Company Articles of Edward Teach/The Angaelien Apocalypse came back from the printers, stacked in all its boxes and ready for sale. And yesterday Above/Below was delivered to the printers and should mean we see proofs for it before Christmas.
Above/Below is now available for preorder at a special price of $12 plus postage So much activity!

As well as that, Helen Merrick has come to join us at Twelfth Planet Press, which is really rather exciting and extremely cool. She and Tehani Wessely have taken titles of Associate Editors. And Helen is working on a cool little side project related to the Twelve Planets - to be revealed later.

The year really is racing away, isn't it?