December 16th, 2010


An odd day that ended with pain

I had a funny day today. It was one of those highly productive ones due to the hard work of days earlier. I had a deadline which I'd worked steadily towards during the week. I'd emailed my workmate the piece last night so came in to her two, minor corrections, fixed those, reedited it and then sent it to my boss. He had no issues with it and signed it off whilst I was in the second of my two meetings for the day. I submitted it where it was due and then got a phone call to tell me it was exactly what they were wanting. Yay! Apparently I had explained in clear technical language what they were wanting to say. So that's awesome. Tick for doin' my job!

The first meeting I had this morning was my intro to the new job I'm starting Jan 1. Yep, I'm starting a new role. And my life has been so high speed of late that this is a minor thing! I'm actually a bit nervous about it as it's not directly in my expertise. Though I will bring my expertise to the role and hopefully do some training for those in my new team (at the moment they call me in to consult ad hoc). But it's going to be a bit of a stretch for me and I'm sort of trying to get used to the idea that it might take me a month or two to get up to speed and to cut myself slack on that. Since it's *normal* when starting a new job. Also, my job was getting a bit boring so this stretching will be a *good thing* and means I get to learn new things and still contribute to my team etc. See how I'm trying to talk myself into it being all ok? It will be. But I'm gonna have to learn some things that are not my strengths. And probably go into the field a bit more. (I'm all about liking going out in the field in theory. In practice, I hate snakes and spiders and it's hot and I get burned and you get dirty n stuff. And you have to schlepp heavy equipment through dense foliage, where there might be snakes and spiders)

Then there was the trip to the dentist. I complained how much pain I was in in the chair last time and he was shocked! He thought my mouth was numb. Hello?! Did I not mention here already that was why I SAID SOMETHING AT THE FREAKING TIME?! Anyway, at least I spoke up again because then there was chatting about what I was allergic to and what drugs I was on and I knew I was getting the good stuff this time. This time it did not hurt and that was a relief cause I think this was the very worst of all the fillings. He asked for a tool called "the excavator" at one point and he warned me it might still need a root canal. I got out of there with just two fillings. And one more appointment next week. But as the injection wore off, I've been in pain all evening. Definitely the worst one so far. And what have I learned? It's not cost saving to skip going to the dentist. Especially if you don't give up chocolate as well.

This evening I've mooched - I visited my mum and had dinner there. And then I took drugs drugs drugs and just mostly sorted daily TPP stuff. I had plans to tackle more than that but it didn't happen. Ah well.

Today's smoothie was the last banana from the freezer, blueberry yoghurt, yukult, dash of honey and milk. I'm officially out of things to go in smoothies though. So I did my online grocery order for Saturday delivery. Not sure how I'll manage tomorrow and Friday!

I've been thinking over what I want to do with my new years resolutions. I need to dig up the actual list from last year cause no doubt it was longer than what I posted here. But I also want to figure out how to get myself to pick up new habits and keep them and/or consistently work at (craft/reading) projects all the way through. I think I lack the most focus in my hobbies which, yeah, they are supposed to fun and the opposite of work so whatever and yeah, I'm clearly a process crafter and not product but still, I have quilts that are about 2/3rds finished and then I move onto something else. It would be cool to work through my reading backlog and gosh, I dunno, clear it. And also to finish up a bunch of craft projects that are hanging around. I'd like to figure out how to make that happen and still have fun. I'd also like to get through some knitting projects that are for me that I never seem to actually get round to. I have some ideas but any suggestions are also appreciated.

ball of yarn

Quilting in 2011

I have new years resolutions and year to do lists on my mind. Closer to the end of the month I'll maybe sit and reflect back on what I did this year - it was kind of a big year so there's probably stuff to say about it. But today I sat down and had a go at writing up some goals.

I made a list of my quilts in progress. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to tackle the "getting them finished" whilst still "crafting for fun because its fun" bit. But I thought it might be nice to catalogue where I'm at now and what there is left to do as a starting point. Sometimes not knowing what you have left to do, or what there is to do next is the sticking point on progress so I thought I'd try it out on the craft projects.

Quilt 1: The Hexagon Quilt

I was working on this quilt in Tasmania last Christmas! I think I worked on it a bit more when I got home afterwards and then I packed it away.

Here is what it looks like today - I pulled it out of a drawer to do this.

Completed: 33 hexagons sewn together with black hexagons separating

To Do:

Current top needs 41 black hexagons for edging to continue piecing

27 hexagons made - need black hexagon edges
Ziploc Bag 1 - pieces for 4 hexagons to assemble, one perhaps to be ditched (call to be made)
Ziploc Bag 2 - hexagon pieces to be paired into hexagons and pieced
Ziploc Bag 3 - one hexagon needing one seam (?), pieces for 4 hexagons to assemble
Random pieces in the bottom drawer which may or may not go into the quilt (call to be made)
Hexagons to be pieced into the top
Black hexagons to square off the top