December 17th, 2010

ball of yarn

Not my quilt!

My mother and I joined another quilting circle this year - I'm sure I've mentioned it here. Anyway, this is my mother's blocks which everyone made, mine is the one in the centre, and she made a few extra to make it up to 9. She's been working steadily on it and pretty much has almost finished the top.

That's not Benji! That's my parents' dog who has taken to being more clingy and every time the quilt goes down, he seems to need to be standing on it! 

ball of yarn

Quilting in 2011 Part 2

Quilt 2: Monochrome Tumbling Blocks Quilt

This quilt is probably the closest to being finished. I think the bit that I got distracted with was having to order more fabric in either the light or the medium and then struggling to scatter these through what was left without it feeling too heavy in one corner and missing in others.

I divided this quilt into quarters and the first half is basically done though I originally pieced them in two quarters. So basically, this again and then sewn to the top of what's there and it's a Queen Sized Bed Quilt.

Completed: Almost half of the top.
Most of the blocks have been cut and sewn.

To Do:
Work out which combination of blocks still need to be sewn.
Calculate out how many blocks still need to be made.
Piece together the two quarters remaining.