December 19th, 2010


Angel Season 4

I think possibly one of my favourite episodes in Season 4 is "Salvage". I love that we get to see Faith in prison. And that it's really clear that she is contained *because* she chooses to be. This is very much her punishing herself for what she's done rather than the State. And then, when the situation is such that she is needed outside, bam, she's out of jail. I also love the bit where she tells Wesley that Angel never gave up on her, was the only one who never gave up on her, so she's not going to give up on him. And Wesley tells her that's why it had to be her (I guess instead of Buffy?). And the history and reference to history of everyone, I love that stuff.

I also love watching a Slayer come in and take contol of the situation as though they have (and I spose they do) an innate ability to strategise and arm and so on at high speed under pressure. Also the way she deals with Connor is pretty cool - you can't follow instructions? I can't use you, get out of here. Nice!

Definitely a favourite episode.


random personal update

I hadn't seen maelkann all week. It was one of those weeks with the tyranny of distance and all that. I was out all morning running errands and was very glad editormum came shopping with me to help me sort a few more. At this time of the year, as an adult, I never really feel envious about Christmas. I used to as a kid cause who doesn't want to get presents and in a way any presents I get now is kinda about that. But mostly I'm really happy to be outside the consumerism vortex.

We came home and maelkann was in the TV Room and just seeing him standing there lifted my heart and made me happy. I really never got before that this is what it's supposed to be. I stood and admired how pretty he was and felt so damn glad to see him.

And now we've hung out most of the weekend and all is good again.
ball of yarn

Quilting in 2011 Part 3

New Project!

What? I hear you say. Don't you have all those other near finished quilting projects? The ones you've posted already and the ones you're still to post? How on earth can you start another project?

Well, Because. Quilting and crafting and fun time is supposed to be fun and starting projects is fun. Also, I don't want my stash to become a fabric collection and that will happen if I am not constantly delving in and pulling things out and using them. Also I suffer from fear of cutting the fabric. So that's why I one goal last year was to start a new project and I'm going to continue you that into 2011. Also, I reckon that your taste changes and I so don't want to be at a point where I hate all the fabric I have amassed. This justifies the collecting and spending :)

So this project is one that I've been wanting to start for a while. I've been collecting fabrics for it for a few years. I love the materials and have been looking forward to it but also am a little scared of it - cutting into the fabric is a one time deal. I'm worried I'll mess it up.
But the good news is that this is not a difficult to sew project, it's a difficult to design one.

So last night I accompanied my mum to babysit my niece, took along all these fabrics and we sat down to design it. Turns out that it's another "work it out as you go" job which terrifies me. However, I have a starting point, I will cut out the first piece, do a border for it and see. Worse comes to worse, if I need hand holding, I'll do that and then wait til my parents get back.

Quilt 3: New Quilt: Paris Cats!

It's going to be a Paris cat quilt! A more the Aristocats thing though I think.

To Do: Cut out the focus rectangle
Figure out a border for it.
Wing it

The passage of time

What a difference a year makes!  This time last year, I was getting ready to hop on a plane and spend Xmas with cassiphone and then the post Xmas period with flinthart. I flew out on the 23rd and cassiphone picked me up from the airport and all the drive back to her place we debriefed and I told her about my feelings for maelkann but how I didn't know if he felt the same. Or rather, I think I hoped he did because we got on so well. 

And then somehow, I really don't know how, by the end of my stay in Tassie, maelkann and I were together. I still don't know how that happened or rather, it's such a precious thing that I don't want to deconstruct it too much. Suffice to say, tonight we went to his Family Christmas - it was the first do, there's a second on Christmas Day and I'm horribly drunk now and should be asleep in bed. But I'm so happy that I got to be there and I had a good time and, you know, all that stuff.

How did I finally get to be so lucky?