December 20th, 2010

ball of yarn

Quilting in 2011 Part 4

I spose I should be getting a bit sheepish since I think I'm only about halfway through posting these!

Quilt 4: Oriental Lanterns

This is the quilt that  I started last year for my New Years Resolution to start a new quilt - it's fabric I bought cause I love it and I wanted to do something to just show the fabric. It's not supposed to be a very difficult quilt and it's not, I think I just got caught up in not knowing how many blocks I was making and how it was going to finish off.

Completed: 6 blocks.
All the border fabric is bought.

To Do
Cut the border strips.
Sew borders around these blocks.
Cut out pieces for next blocks (maybe 3 more?) Or else decide how else to use the fabric - possibly with smaller lanterns to break up the symmetry,