December 23rd, 2010


This part of the year really is silly, isn't?

At work today was about half the team. Tomorrow it will be half that again. I like the quiet. I better like it, A and I are the only ones in the office till Jan 4 and we have to work all the non public holidays. I keep trying to remember how much fun I had at World Fantasy Con cause this was the trade off.

But mostly, I'm knackered. I think my brain hit Holidays over the weekend. I can't seem to make myself work after work (yes, normally I work another set of hours after my day job). I do though have a very solid and packed holiday schedule. A couple of days I woke up to the fact that whilst a fair few collections are being submitted to me in January, that's in 2011, both of those happen to be ooh like just over a week away. So I'm back to my schedule of editing one short story a day and also reading one to four submissions a day. We'll see how I go. Though I actually have no choice on that one.

I had my last dentist appointment today. I'm not sure if I lucked out on not having to have that last filling cause he was running late or if it really was too small a hole to fill just now. I have to go back in 3 months and I have a new years resolution given to me by the dentist - no more decay. Yuck! Visions of zombieness!

I ran around trying to get the last of my errands done before Xmas after that. I got a couple of important presents done and some cards posted and delivered. But I had to add some things to the list so it's not finished yet. GRRR! Some though are for after Xmas and I might just have to be ok with leaving them til then. I got so behind this year on bdays, I feel quite wretched about it but the only thing to do was to just get to em quick smart before the end of the year. I hate that I got so slack on that, I love my bday and getting presents. I resolve to do better in 2011! (Probably AGAIN)

I did though get maelkann's gift sorted. Had a bit of pressure cause apparently his is "ingenious". Still. Getting there getting there.

Love to you and yours!