December 26th, 2010

ball of yarn

Quilting in 2011 Part 5

Quilt 5: L'amour Quilt

This is a quilt made from a jelly roll I bought of a fabric series called funnily enough "L'amour".
As you can see, it's quite far along actually and if I wanted to do a 3 by 3 block, it'd actually be nearly done. The blocks though are 10" and I have a lot of the jelly roll still left. Also, the quilt is an experimentation in 3D. I think I might make it a 4 by 4 which means I still have 7 blocks to do.

Completed: 9 blocks. Borders for 5 blocks.
To do: Borders for 4 blocks.
Choose, make templates and then sew 7 more blocks.
Complete borders for these 7 blocks.
Choose the order for block layout.
Cut sashing to join these (either in brown or in variations of red and brown)
Buy backing and wadding



Well, we did Xmas. We watched Santa fly across the world on Norad. And then Santa filled a sack full of presents for maelkann who woke up at 4.55am wanting to know if Santa had come. I gave him his gift at about 9am?

He gave me a very very nice gift - it is indeed ingenious and something that I really really wanted. He's giving me a week of time. Freaking time!!! It's the one thing I don't have and am always saying I want and sometimes get really really frustrated at my lack of. I am resolving in 2011 to complete tasks and commitments and not replace them with new ones (ha we say, but I know, I promise it). But my Xmas present from maelkann is for him to be me for a week of my choosing and do all the things I have to do that take time (cooking, shopping, cleaning etc) so I can do whatever I want instead. Best.Freaking.Present.EVA

We headed off early to his parents and hung out there with his siblings for their getting the presents. I had a lovely cup of coffee! And then we headed off to his grandparents to hang with more family and do the Xmas lunch. There was much food, plentiful ale and great company. I had a very lovely time and it didn't really feel like 5 hours had passed when we finally left. I even got a present from one of maelkann's aunts! Very excited (soap and body mist from the same brand that I had bought my KK gift that she had in fact gotten from me the week earlier!).

And then we rolled home and lazed about full, for a very long time.

And I caught up on some Fringe.

Course, the plumbing at my house has decided this weekend is an excellent time to go on the blink without warning. And maelkann does not have aircon so we have been trying to figure out which is the worse of two evils. Today I am deciding a shower and flushing toilet is the winner. Though I really hate being hot.


Update on the resolutions and things

I'm going to keep logging my quilting projects. I only have a few more to go. I've found the act of pulling each one out, photographing it and then taking stock of what is done and what is to be done really really useful.

It's part of something I'm trying in life generally, the "do it now not later" philosophy. I've been applying it to emails and I think that's part of the Zero Inbox thing - that if you read it and do nothing to come back later, coming back later to address it will involve rereading it, getting your head around what you are reading, remembering what you were up to and then doing it. The act of filing it as you read it, or making the decision of what has to happen next and just adding that to your to do list, seems to really help in getting up to date. Mostly I guess cause you are removing the getting up to speed aspect with things. It's been hard for me to get used to filing things without actioning them but funnily enough I don't think it's hampered action. For example, I know what TPP projects I am working on and which deadlines are coming up. Having related emails sitting in my inbox waiting for actions such as editing the latest version of a story versus sending that email to the tag with that project name doesn't change the outcome. But filing does help with feeling on top of things and with sorting the other more urgent emails to action.

So I've been trialling that for email and running some new list systems for my work/TPP lives in general. I'm wanting to look at some systems that will work for me for keeping track, remembering what and actioning my new years resolutions.

The logging my quilting projects has helped me pick up ones that I have left aside for a while now. I started with the Hexagon one which I've progressed a lot since I blogged it. I took it with me to babysitting the other night with my mother and she suggested finishing the top in the shape of a kimono rather than a square. And that has really challenged me to get on with the project. Working out the dimensions hurt my brain a bit but I'm now squaring off the hexagons for the first sleeve. I've also finished making the hexagons such that I only need to keep making black ones now to join them all. I'll post a photo when it has taken a bit more shape.

I also looked into what needed to be done next for a couple more of the quilts that I have logged. Several needed more strips for borders to be sewn. I did that this morning having first actually finally cleared my dining room table to find my cutting board and cutter. And so now, those can also be progressed.

I'm going to summarise all the quilt posts with links and update progress to those lists on those original posts. I'm excited about finishing a few this year. After all, for most of them I have already bought a lot of the finishing fabrics for the top (I just have to buy the wadding and backing which is not cheap either and will have to be rationed throughout the year).