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December 9th, 2012

Uh, another pair of finished socks

Flickr doesn’t seem to be playing well with my computer this evening but if it were, I would be showing you my latest pair of finished socks and the first half of a new flamingoes mitten project.

Many things I have learned from my knitting this week.

1. I often leave projects 75 % finished

2. This is because I like to start new things and also because once I can visualise the finished work, it’s like I finished. No surprises left.

3. This means that I have a lot of WIPs in the back room that probably only need stitching up or like 3 hours of work to finish up.

4. Technically all this frenzy of finishing things is a release of pent up guilt for the cast-on-itis frenzy of whenever that was several years ago

5. And that I shouldn’t feel bad when I start a bunch of projects because there will be points in my life further down the line when I will be in finishing-things-up-mode and it will all come out in the long term wash

6. Except really, I’m in avoidance mode and it might be that when I want to avoid something really scary or requiring lots of internal energy, I knit. A lot.

7. And now I finally understand that whole baby bootie thing (circa 2005?)

8. All this time I thought I’d lost my knitting mojo and all I was was less unhappy than I was at that time.

9. Except I’ve kinda missed this intensity of knitting. I really kinda like it.

10. I wish I could sustain it in more chilled out periods of my life.

11. I still haven’t written my vows – well, we’ve got the commitment bit sorted now but I have to write my personal preamble.

12. And a tonne of other things are outstanding. I go from one extreme to the other – wedding planning is just a bunch of to dos on a list to Holy Crap I have no idea what I am doing and I am so far behind

13. But I’m trying fair isle for the first time in my life and also knitting my first mitten. And I am going to have a bunch of warm things to wear in Europe in Holy Crap just over two weeks.



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