January 16th, 2013


My teacup is still in motion

I was starting to think that whole jetlag thing from Canada was an aberration. I felt fine after flying home last week with almost no sleep. Thursday I stayed up pretty late and pottered around unpacking and catching up on recorded TV. And Friday was the same. I even *baked*.

On Saturday we had invited round both our families to join us for brunch and the opening of all our presents. We were very strict about not opening any before this, and having the bridal registry delivery booked for then, so as to have something still wedding related to cling to after all the rest of the activities were done, and the honeymoon was over. I’m really glad we did it that way too because it was an excellent reason to have everybody over and catch up again after all the family related stuff we’d done at the end of December.

We hosted brunch (hence the baking) and the event lasted far longer than we’d intended due to the delivery truck not arriving in the am as promised but rather 2pm. Nonetheless there was enough excitement before then and non registry gifts and catching up and babies to coo over and very very tired dogs to laugh at (the puppy has tried to sleep non stop since we picked him up on Thursday afternoon. He had one helluva holiday).

Present opening was overwhelming and humbling and embarrassing. We are very loved and people know us very well. And now I am very excited to go all nesting with our place to fuss about and cull and replace and set up my married home. (I’m sure that feeling will pass.) I got ridiculously excited over glass jars which I had added to the list at the last moment and which doing so forced Kathryn to have to *sit down*. I didn’t really expect to get *all* of them! And now I am having a glorious time clearing out our pantry (which OMG when was the last time I did that?) and putting everything in glass jar storage. I’m hoping that the rodent proofing elements of this will offset the “but what about the Best of and Use by dates” issues). I’ll admit that I kinda want the pantry to look like this though I suspect, in reality, noone’s stays looking like that for long.

I’ll also report that I no longer have tea storage issues *grin*

Sunday was gloriously mellow before we were thrust back into the harsh glaring daylight of reality and our Normal Lives.

And then, the jetlag kicked in. Maybe as a combination of the whole having to sit at a desk and concentrate for long periods of time again, that’s always pretty draining before you get back used to it. But now I am alternating between days of feeling like I could fall asleep at any moment and nights where I am wide awake and cannot get to sleep at all. And what is with this weather Perth? So as much as I thought I would be back into the swing of things by now, and even booked a bunch of appointments thinking I would be (what.the.hell?), I very much am not. I’m dragging myself through the day bleary eyed and getting through the bare minimum when I get home at night. Here’s hoping I kick the lag sooner rather than later.

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And in other news

Well yesterday I discussed all my dates and so on with my Boss and today I informed HR about my proposed end dates. And filled in all my enrolment paperwork. So … it’s happening. I am actually quitting my day job to work full time this year, come April, on all things publishing.

If I don’t think too hard about it, it’s not too scary. I got an interview for the job I was applying for 5 minutes before I went on leave to get married but I withdrew from the process this morning. It feels really weird – naked and scary – to be out here on the ledge without a back up plan. But at the same time, back up plans kinda give you permission to fail. No back up plan means you have to succeed. You have to scramble and hustle and figure it out cause there’s no going backwards on it. No safety net. And oddly, I’m finding that empowering. I think because it’s the first time I’m betting on myself. I don’t actually do that very often. I’ve always taken the safe road before. Time will tell what’s after the bend in this road but I’m energised and pumped to find out. But I’m so sad to be leaving awesome work people. Again.

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