March 22nd, 2013


A few hiccups along the road

Progress has been waylaid in the last couple of days due to sickness. It’s been most frustrating, or rather, had I had the energy to be frustrated, I would have been. I’m not used to having limited energy resources. Normally I can find a way to just push through and maybe pay some price further down the line. But at the moment, there seems to be immediate payback for pushing through and ignoring my body. I’m finding that I have very limited resources in a day – if I leave the house in the morning, I need a two hour nap in the afternoon. And I’m not liking this reduction in available work time!

So I have very little to report. Yesterday I managed to catch up with Terri at a new chocolate factory down her way. It was such a lovely day and they had a really lovely green lawn with chairs and tables set up under lovely big umbrellas. And we had a really long and chatty catch up, which was really great. I also really enjoyed the drive there and back – she only lives about 20 minutes away from me but for some reason, I much prefer the scenery between Rockingham and Mandurah than I do Rockingham itself. There’s something much more, I won’t say pristine, but … Australian outback about it. Lots of little hammocks and developments scattered between the two and you could almost imagine one of them being Summer Bay :)

I then came home and spent the rest of the day feeling like I might die on the couch and then moved finally to bed. C is working long hours at the moment so he discovered my agony at 6.30pm. When I’m sick, I am the exact expression of the Yiddish term “shvach” – it looks like it sounds :) I was very lucky that he took charge and did a quick run to the pharmacy to bring back stuff. That genuinely did make me feel better. And seems to still be working today. Perhaps I’ll get some work done finally!

In other news, we’ve been watching Season 1 of House of Lies. I really like it!


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