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New Dawn

Ah... the post-weekend wrap up. Douglas Wood came out of Iraq alive. Tom Cruise asked Katie Holmes to marry him. The Japanese applied to double their whaling kill.

It's bloody cold where I am and looks set to not warm up any time soon. 4 degrees C overnight is just .. well its not right I tell you. I finally got all my blankets out and put them on the bed (only a month late, mind you). It's probably a good thing this has happened as I'm sure the reason I took so long was because I would have to stare at another incomplete project which would force me to have to work on it (have been expanding the single bed crocheted crazy blanket into a double over the last two winters - all the squares are waiting to be sewn together and added on and take up a lot of room in my craft corner and I've been *meaning* to get there).

The bf was sick all weekend. Poor dude was so run down and stressed out, he got a chest infection and perhaps asthma for the first time in his life. He was shocking Friday, called to cancel dinner with my parents and I found him sitting in the shower because he didn't have the strength to stand up under it. I still had to fight him in the morning to take the day off work, after he'd kept us both up all night with coughing [1]. I went off to my morning coffee date and only found out later that he'd called in another person and gone home sick. I was massively tired and was planning to drag myself through the morning and then go back to bed. I thought I'd pop past Crossways and see what they had, get what I need and go back to bed. It was so exhilirating an experience that I was rejuvenated afterwards and actually got a lot done. The bf was in bed and because I didn't want to disturb him, I had to hang out in the rest of the house (here at this place, I live in the bedroom which is the only decent room in the house, or was till the ceiling guys came, and we don't have a comfy couch.. or a couch at all). This of course meant tidying up happened which is a good thing. My study got tidied up and made more like a functioning study, or will be in a couple of days time. I lived in my living area which cheered things up a bit. The dishes and washing got done. It was a good weekend and this morning I actually felt more organised than I have in a while -- I made breakfast for the car and saved myself $6 (part of my plan to save more money).

However .... that being said .... the bf slept all Saturday but got up in the evening for chicken soup (someone had kindly made him some food for the freezer ..) and then of course perked up a bit. So I had a pal to watch Dr Who with ... I've decided to re-like the ABC Saturday night line up. Parki was really good. Anyway ... I got this thing that my Mum gets when my Dad doesn't work late on his usual nights - my routine was all put out - I had to share the bed which meant I couldn't spread my knitting out across it and there was someone talking through me shows. It was good to watch Dr Who with him but it felt weird him being home on a Saturday night. Funny how you get into routines and how you don't mind someone not being there as much when you are involved in your own projects.

Projects! Oh yes, them. I have 4 completed knitting items which is very exciting and a basket to put them in. When the basket is full I shall package them all up (I have that side of things all organised) but I need to get my logo designed and also my washing instructions etc printed out. I bought lots of exciting wool on Saturday morning and had to scurry out of the shop without looking through all their stock in detail. Spent lots more than at Spotlight for same number of balls of wool.

Reviews came tumbling in all weekend .. I think a certain discussion on email got some people in the mood. I was supposed to go over them yesterday but the knitting took my attention, especially because all rooms bar the computer room were being warmed. I'll get to those today.

No progress on the thesis. Very very very bad. I tidied the study so its better but its not workable yet and I have too much stuff for one small study. How did it all fit into my office I wonder (I spose without all my other books and DVDs and videos and things). Must make a better list this week and get stuck into it.

I finally counted the number of NewScientists that I have not read to completion - 64 - although I hope many are mostly read and will be quick to finish and move to the finished pile.

And that's all.

[1] And!!! He'd decided that our pillows were the reason he had a sore back and neck, not say stess. So he replaced all our pillows with latex ones and gave ours to the dog. Well!! Can I just say how much I hate those pillows! They are like bricks and far too high for me so now I have a sore neck. The situation was so dire that last night I actually rescued a pillow back, put two cases over it and shoved the "ew factor" to the back of my head (the ceilings guy moved all my stuff around and put these pillows on top of all the shoes in the cupboard).


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Jun. 20th, 2005 04:26 am (UTC)
Hope bf better.

You're still making the New Sci's sound like a chore! They're for fun gj!
Jun. 20th, 2005 05:06 am (UTC)
Thanks T - I think he's better today, poor dude.

Well its not that they are a chore ... except they just keep coming!!! Also, I feel a need to read every article as though i will be later examined on it - that could be where the chore thing comes in. Plus, lack of time.
Jun. 20th, 2005 11:56 am (UTC)
I still have the sections of your thesis to look at...
Now my brain is back online, I'll get to them this week.

I'm also posessive about my pillows...
I like a low firm pillow. My ex liked high fluffy pillows. When he replaced the pillows (as a kind gesture) I had to rescue mine out of the bin and wash it. I slept on a folded towel for two days as it dried. It's been my pillow since I was 12 and I still have it!
Jun. 21st, 2005 01:04 am (UTC)
That's cool .. when you get time.

Yeah I'm possessive about my pillows too - especially as I'm a fussy sleeper.
Jun. 21st, 2005 12:55 am (UTC)
he replaced all our pillows

I'm staggered that someone could do that without asking you first.
And without involving you in the selection. Is your sore neck less worthy?
He could at least have let you try it out before ditching the others.
Jun. 21st, 2005 01:07 am (UTC)
In fairness, he was pretty sick, almost incoherent, and probably desperate to feel better and just did it without thinking. Latex pillows are *supposed* to be superior and so he was probably trying to be nice - unfortunately for me, I walked into the room too late and.
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