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The Resolutions Post

I'm kinda annoyed that a few of you have beat me to the yearly sum up. Although I do already have my 2007 resolutions listed out so ... Still, must assess the last year before hurtling into the next one. Before I go through how I did on the 2006 resolutions, I wanted to note that I have noticed that the things I managed to do this year I had a plan for from the start. And those I totally ignored had neither a plan nor a feedback loop to remind me to do. So for 2007, I cannot put anything on my list UNLESS I have a plan on how I am going to execute it and a mechanism for checking in regularly to see how it's progressing. And my main overarching goal for 2007 is to achieve BALANCE in all things.

0. Add fruit to my ice cream

I reckon I achieved this about 1 in 20 times. Not sure if that's really a good outcome or not. I did end up with more cans of fruit in my fridge this year than any other year. I'm going to give this 0.25 of a point.

1. reduce workday food expenditure (to recoup monies to instal Foxtel) by reducing my bought breakfast from 5 days a week coffee and muffin to 3 days a week coffee only.

I was on and off with this one throughout the year. Funnily enough I forgot by the end that the goal was for Foxtel and rechallenged myself with exactly the same goal and reward. This is a lot like editing - I will edit the same piece of work exactly the same (even comments on bits) several months apart. This is why I do not worry about starting things over from scratch. I get 1 for this cause I am currently on track.

2. Deal with item 1, bake more

Not really.

3. update my wardrobe and hair (accept I work and am not a poor student and stop looking like one)

Okay for the hair I get 1 point - I found a hairdresser who has totally takem over this for me. Books me in and I mostly show up every 6 weeks. The wardrobe was a fail. I get 0.5 of a point.

4. cook more - say 3 nights a week proper meals


5. schedule a regular night in the week for long hot bath and reading and glass of wine


6. plan my dinner parties well in advance and spread work out over the month

The parties didn't last much beyond about April?

7. start and stick to a gardening routine (for the maintenance stuff like fertilising and pruning etc)

I got a gardner. How to assess this one?

8. finish the garden

Yes. One point.

9. get into regular habit of calling friends overseas/interstate

About a quarter of the time ?

10. regular dinner with N for the purpose of writing another paper this year

No and no paper.

11. 100 reviews added to ASif!

Overachieved something ridiculous on this but was not really due to me.

12. Get new project (soon to be announced) off the ground and breaking even by end of 2006

Off the ground but quite a bit in debt (New Ceres) Score 0.5 of a point.

13. Get Boeme Bebe project to break even (have stock of 300 for sale at first fair)


14. Submit and defend thesis July

Ha! Ha! Haha!

15. Walk my dog regularly

This is getting quite bad

16. see 3 plays

I translate this to shows:
Judith Lucy, Amateur Play, Billy Joel, Kylie and Elton John. Credit 1 point.

17. go to 3 art exhibitions

Oddly yes. All in Canberra. Almost all portraits. Credit 1 point.

18. go to the outdoor international film festival

not one.

19. try zarabee's 365 shorts

Hell yes. Currently at 454 and have 77 left for the Year's Best challenge.

20. keep a reading log

Fantastic idea - thanks Cassiphone. Will not live without this.

21. do 5 things off my 101 list

I think Asif! almost slides in as one. So I'll give this 0.2 of a point.

22. set a financial goal

Didn't set a goal so didn't fail to meet it?

23. subscribe to NewScientist??? and keep uptodate with these this year

Subscribed. Didn't keep up to date. Sucked on this one.

24. get my ipod up to scratch

Found podcasts. Used ipod all year yet still has only 20 albums on it. Gonna award 0.5 of a point for effort.

25. find and schedule some charity work

Does cheerleading small press count?

So .. my final score, out of a possible 26 points, I got 10.2 (about 39%)
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