girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

2006: A Year in Shorts

I have 65 short stories from 2006 left to read before I compile my own Years Best list. I wonder if I will get it done by the 31st. I still haven't tracked down all the stories, so possibly not. The 65 is sans Ben Peek's publications cause he keeps saying, "oh have you read this?" and it's never on my list. Bloody Ben Peek.

Anyway, surely by now you know it is too much for me to ask to have a little reading respite at lunch without a vomiting scene. I know it. You know it. Today it was "Obituary Boy" by John Dixon and Adam Browne. A story actually that I originally slushed back when I read for ASIM. Yesterday it was something in Shadowed Realms Issue 9. I am safe nowhere. throughsoftair reckons everyone is going through their bibliography looking for their vomit story. So, if you have one, why don't ya whack it down in the comments here (title and author) and we'll do a quick tally. It has to be gratuitous though - I didn't mind the bit in 26 Lies/1Truth. Yes, yes there is one in there too. In fact .... looking back at least over the last 3 weeks of reading, I'd say I have not escaped, even in my trash reading (but to be fair, that was set in Hollywood which is rife with bulimics so may not quite be gratuitous or lazy).

Here's to better descriptive and emotive writing in 2007!
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