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Just to recap

Reviews are the opinion of the reader who read your work. You write something, you send it out into the world and people read it. Maybe, if you are going to get offended by the way people interpret it, you could add some disclaimers:

- not to be read by people who aren't me
- not to be read by people who are going to say they don't like it/get it if they don't
- not to be read by girliejones - that's fine by the way, if you don't want me to read your work, chances are that I don't want to read it either

You cannot control how someone reads your work. If they misinterpret it or don't get it or don't get it the way it was intended THAT IS YOUR FAULT AS THE WRITER not the reader's. Get on with it and write better stuff, don't whinge to me. Cause every single time I get one of these, I'm forced to go read the material and agree with my reviewer (haven't found an example yet where I didn't but heck, now I have to check the latest one out).

PS I'm also getting sick of having to read bad things said about my reviewers in your whiny emails. We put up on ASif! the background of our reviewers as a courtesy. Don't you think everyone reads them and makes their own judgements? Reading a whiny email where you point out this reviewer said they were X on their bio does not make me want to take your side over theirs. After all, they sat down, read your work and wrote me up a review in their spare time. And you're taking up some of my spare time with your whining. I'm not going to take down reviews after their published.


Jan. 7th, 2007 02:57 pm (UTC)
I think that's a fair point and maybe *the* point. Readers come to work from their own position and you can't control their interpretation of your work. Once you put it out there, you've done your bit. And any interpretation is not wrong - it's *an* interpretation. The experience is owned by the reader.

*Often* I see things in work that noone else sees. That's my experience and it's unique. And that's the best and worst of art.

I would have thought it be better to be reviewed than not be reviewed at all .... or is that love? I no longer remember :-)

I wish people could learn to discern between fact and opinion and that neither matters in this case because all press is good press. And I agree with you - *OFTEN* I will read something that got a bad review. I, personally, can separate the opinion of a reviewer from the work and whether I wan to read it.

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