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It's here!

Announcing the release of New Ceres, Issue 2!

Issue 2 has a fantastic line up. Lucy Sussex gives Roberts’ La Duchesse her own Olde Worlde charm with an amusing romp and outrageous mystery to detect in “Mist and Murder”. Stephen Dedman sneaks a peek into the inner workings of a New Switzerland brothel. In his story “Sufficiently Advanced”, he asks the question what’s a New Ceresian girl to do? Jay Lake takes us inside the Lumoscenti with a moving character piece, “Tower to the Sun”. Cat Sparks takes us on a journey of self discovery and shows us a glimpse inside the world of New Ceres-bound refugees. Finally, in the New Ceres Papers, Alexandra Pierce brings us her mischievious review of Macbeth as performed by the Lady Governor’s Men.

I hope you enjoy this issue of New Ceres as much as I did putting it together. Issue 3 will be released later in the year and will include another instalment in La Duchesse’s adventures with a very saucy tale from Tansy Rayner Roberts and a sublimely creepy work from Kaaron Warren.


And as a special I'm-so-happy-to-have-launched-it offer, I'm offering free subscription to Issue 2 to 10 bloggers who will review the issue on their blog.
- email me at girlie dot jones at gmail dot com or comment here
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