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Short Story List Part 3

NOthing to see here ... just the continuation of the list of short stories I've read this year.

Previous lists

  1. Jason Andrew Mathematics of Hunger Space Westerns
  2. Jens Rushing No Right Space Westerns
  3. John M. Whalen Green River Rain Space Westerns
  4. Kealan Patrick Bourke The Aquaintance Subterranean Online Fall
  5. Kathleen McCarthy Logic Tales of the Moonlit Path #7
  6. Adam Armstrong Damn Job Tales of the Moonlit Path #7
  7. Geoff Nelder Vampire Non Sequiter Tales of the Moonlit Path #7
  8. Bill West Crow Sister Tales of the Moonlit Path #7
  9. Meaghan Kane Sodom and Gomorrah The Sword Review
  10. Daniel Ausema Hope Games The Sword Review
  11. Allen Scovil The Challenge The Sword Review
  12. Michael Ehart Weaving Spiders Come Not Here The Sword Review
  13. J.J. Fellows Inflamed The Sword Review
  14. Rebecca LuElla Miller The Beacon The Sword Review
  15. George L. Duncan When the Sacred Ginmill Closes The Sword Review
  16. Dakota Alden The Small Escape The Sword Review
  17. Lisa Mantchev A Bouquet at Twilight The Town Drunk
  18. Ian Creasey A Job for Life Triangulation: End of Time
  19. Dario Ciriello America is Coming Triangulation: End of Time
  20. Tim Pratt Morris and the Machine Triangulation: End of Time
  21. Larry Niven The Gatherer's Guild Under Cover of Darkness
  22. Nick Pollatta Falling Like the Gentle Rain Under Cover of Darkness
  23. Stephen Kotowych Borrowed Time Under Cover of Darkness
  24. Esther Friesner Seeking the Master Under Cover of Darkness
  25. Russell Davis When I Look to the Sky Under Cover of Darkness
  26. Tanya Huff The Things Everyone Knows Under Cover of Darkness
  27. Paul Crilley The Invisible Order Under Cover of Darkness
  28. Amanda Bloss Maloney The Good Samaritan Under Cover of Darkness
  29. Doranna Durgin The Scoria Under Cover of Darkness
  30. Darwin A. Garrison Kyri's Gauntlet Under Cover of Darkness
  31. Janet Deaver-Pack Shadow of the Scimitar Under Cover of Darkness
  32. Janny Wurts The Sundering Star Under Cover of Darkness
  33. Jihane Noskateb The Exile's Path Under Cover of Darkness
  34. Douglas Smith The Dancer at the Red Door Under Cover of Darkness
  35. Nathan Burrage In the Arms of Medusa Orb #7
  36. Sue Isle Stranger and Sojourner Orb #7
  37. Karen Maric Manisha's Sari Orb #7
  38. Penelope Love Whitey Shadow Plays
  39. Andrew J McKiernan Calliope: A Steam Romance Shadow Plays
  40. Ren Holton Bob and Anusha Shadow Plays
  41. Robert J Santa A Jury of Peers Shadow Plays
  42. Ashley Arnold The River Man's Spirits Shadow Plays
  43. Richard Harland Musgrave Shadow Plays
  44. E J Hayes Crystal and Iron Shadow Plays
  45. Brendan D Carson The Omensetter and Hu Lijing Shadow Plays
  46. Daryl Gregory Dead Horse Point Asimovs Aug
  47. Louise Bohmer Dark Nectar of the Gods Black Ink Horror #0
  48. Mark Tullius To Feed an Army Black Ink Horror #0
  49. Darren Franz The Drain Black Ink Horror #0
  50. David Marusek Osama Phone Home Fantasy and Science Fiction December
  51. Marie Alafaci Wicked View ASIM #31
  52. Jim C. Hines The Haunting of Jig's Ear ASIM #31
  53. Suzanne Palmer The Neighborly Thing ASIM #31
  54. Mary O.R. Paddock Sing ASIM #31
  55. Susan Abel Sullivan Getting the Curse ASIM #31
  56. Brian Stableford Dr Muffet's Island Asimovs March
  57. Jack Skillingstead Stranger on a Bus Asimovs December
  58. Nancy Kress The Rules Asimovs December
  59. Stephen Graham Jones Do (This) Asimovs December
  60. Tim McDaniel The Lonesome Planet Travelers Advisory Asimovs December
  61. Liz Williams Debatable Lands Asimovs October/November
  62. Pat Murphy One Odd Shoe The Coyote Road
  63. Steve Berman Wagers of Gold Mountain The Coyote Road
  64. Nina Kiriki Hoffman The Listeners The Coyote Road
  65. Christopher Barzak Realer Than You The Coyote Road
  66. Delia Sherman The Fiddler of Bayou Teche The Coyote Road
  67. Richard Bowes A Tale for the Short Days The Coyote Road
  68. Ellen Klages Friday Night at St Cecelia's The Coyote Road
  69. Patricia A. McKillop The Fortune Teller The Coyote Road
  70. Charles deLint Crow Roads The Coyote Road
  71. Katherine Vaz The Chamber Music of Animals The Coyote Road
  72. Terry Bisson Billy and the Wizard Dark Alchemy
  73. Terry Dowling The Magikkers Dark Alchemy
  74. Margaret Ronald Goosegirl Fantasy
  75. Becca De La Rossa All the Growing Time Fantasy
  76. Sarah Monette Somewhere Beneath Those Waves Was Her Home Fantasy
  77. Sam Henderson Shallot Fantasy
  78. Maura McHugh Bonemother Fantasy
  79. Lisa Mantchev The Greats Come A'Calling Fantasy
  80. Frederick S Durbin The Bone Man Fantasy and Science Fiction December
  81. David Moles Finisterra Fantasy and Science Fiction December
  82. Benjamin David Rosenbaum Ackert Stray Fantasy and Science Fiction December
  83. M Rickert Don't Ask Fantasy and Science Fiction December
  84. S L Gilbow Who Brought Tulips to the Moon? Fantasy and Science Fiction December
  85. Esther M Friesner A Rose for Emily The Future We Wish We Had
  86. Sarah A. Hoyt Waiting for Juliette The Future We Wish We Had
  87. Dave Freer Boys The Future We Wish We Had
  88. Brenda Cooper Trainer of Whales The Future We Wish We Had
  89. Kevin J. Anderson Good Old Days The Future We Wish We Had
  90. Alan L. Lickiss Kicking and Screaming Her Way to the Altar The Future We Wish We Had
  91. P.R. Frost Alien Voices The Future We Wish We Had
  92. Loren L. Coleman Inside Job The Future We Wish We Had
  93. Mike Resnick James Patrick Kelly A Small Skirmish in the Culture Wars The Future We Wish We Had
  94. Lisanne Norman Dark Wings The Future We Wish We Had
  95. Annie Read My Father, the Popsicle The Future We Wish We Had
  96. Julie Hyzy Destiny The Future We Wish We Had
  97. Dean Wesley Smith Cold Comfort The Future We Wish We Had
  98. Irene Radford The Stink of Reality The Future We Wish We Had
  99. Rebecca Moesta Yellow Submarine The Future We Wish We Had
  100. Kristine Kathryn Rusch Good Genes The Future We Wish We Had
  101. Harry Turtledove Under St Peter's The Secret History of Vampires
  102. Mike Resnick Two Hunters in Manhattan The Secret History of Vampires
  103. P.D. Cacek Smoke and Mirrors The Secret History of Vampires
  104. Ron Goulart Garbo Quits The Secret History of Vampires
  105. Sarah Hoyt Blood of Dreams The Secret History of Vampires
  106. Carrie Vaughn A Princess of Spain The Secret History of Vampires
  107. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro Harpy The Secret History of Vampires
  108. Darrell Schweitzer John Gregory Betancourt Honored Be Her Name The Secret History of Vampires
  109. Gregory Frost Ill-Met in Ilium The Secret History of Vampires
  110. Brian Stableford The Temptation of Saint Anthony The Secret History of Vampires
  111. Ian Watson Bohemian Rhapsody The Secret History of Vampires
  112. Tanith Lee Green Wallpaper The Secret History of Vampires
  113. Keith Taylor Sepulchres of the Undead The Secret History of Vampires
  114. Sonny Whitelaw The Promise ASIM #31
  115. Matthew Chrulew How I Learned to Keep Tidy ASIM #31
  116. Shane Jiraiya Cummings Memoirs of a Teenage Antichrist ASIM #31
  117. J.J. Irwin Reading the Lines ASIM #31
  118. Alison Pearce Live from Phobos Infinitas
  119. Toiya Finley The Taxidermist's Collection H P Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror
  120. Esther Friesner The Really Big Sleep H P Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror
  121. Morgan Llywelyn The View From Here H P Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror
  122. Leah Bobet Scars H P Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror
  123. Kiel Stuart Night of the Imago Moon H P Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror
  124. Nick Knight Thinking of You H P Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror
  125. Ron Goulart The Problem of the Missing Werewolf H P Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror
  126. Darrell Schweitzer Sometimes You have to Shout About it H P Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror
  127. Ken Rand Crickets, Everywhere H P Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror
  128. Jay Lake Ever H P Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror
  129. John Morressy Fool Fantasy & Science Fiction February
  130. Matthew Hughes The Helper and His Hero (Part 1) Fantasy & Science Fiction February
  131. Ekaterina Sedia Zombie Lenin Fantasy
  132. Jeremiah Tolbert The Yeti Behind You Fantasy
  133. Amanda Downum The Salvation Game Fantasy
  134. Cat Rambo Sugar Fantasy
  135. Holly Phillips Brother of the Moon Fantasy
  136. Geoffrey Reiter Blood Sky Dragons, Knights & Angels 48
  137. Rod M. Santos The Shepherd of Planets Dragons, Knights & Angels 48
  138. Kristin Naff Hymn Dragons, Knights & Angels 48
  139. John M Whalen Incident on Pennsylvania Avenue Dragons, Knights & Angels 48
  140. S A and Al Miller and Speegle Aliens in the Church Dragons, Knights & Angels 45
  141. Caroline Stevermer Uncle Bob Visits The Coyote Road
  142. Michael Cadnum Cat of the World The Coyote Road
  143. Ellen Kushner Honoured Guest The Coyote Road
  144. Elizabeth E. Wein Always the Same Story The Coyote Road
  145. Kim Antieau The Senorita and the Cactus Thorn The Coyote Road
  146. Will Shetterly Black Rock Blues The Coyote Road
  147. Kelly Link The Constable of Abal The Coyote Road
  148. Holly Black A Reversal of Fortune The Coyote Road
  149. Carol Emshwiller God Clown The Coyote Road
  150. Jebediah Berry The Other Labyrinth The Coyote Road
  151. Jeffrey Ford The Dreaming Wind The Coyote Road
  152. Kij Johnson The Evolution of Trickster Stories Among the Dogs of North Park After the Change The Coyote Road
  153. Caitlin R. Kiernan Little Conversations Clarkesworld #12
  154. MP Ericson Lost Soul Clarkesworld #12
  155. Alan DeNiro Taiga Taiga Burning Bright Bandersnatch
  156. Aimee Pokwatka You Are Not My Husband Bandersnatch
  157. Carol K Howell I Am Meyer Bandersnatch
  158. Nick Mamatas Summon Bind Banish Bandersnatch
  159. Vylar Kaftan Scar Stories Bandersnatch
  160. Ursula Pflug Border Crossing Bandersnatch
  161. Bogdan Tiganov The Children Bandersnatch
  162. Seth Ellis Ellis The Sidewinders Bandersnatch
  163. A M Muffaz Calamansi Juice Bandersnatch
  164. Seth Cully Roadkill Bandersnatch
  165. Laura Cooney Pink Bandersnatch
  166. Jack Haringa Perfect and Unmappable Grace Bandersnatch
  167. Karen Heuler Down on the Farm Bandersnatch
  168. J. Alan Brown Test of Worth Anotherealm
  169. Ahmed A. Khan The Pulsar and the Planet Anotherealm
  170. C. Sanford Lowe G. David Nordley Loki's Realm Analog July/August
  171. Scott Virtes Jimmy the Box Analog July/August
  172. C.W. Johnson Political Science Analog July/August
  173. John G. Hemry Do No Harm Analog July/August
  174. C. Sanford Lowe G. David Nordley Vertex Analog September 2007
  175. E. Mark Mitchell Stranger Things Analog September 2007
  176. Uncle River Ginger Ear and Elephant Hair Analog September 2007
  177. Richard A. Lovett A Plutoid by Any Other Name Analog September 2007
  178. Howard V. Hendrid Palimpsest Analog September 2007
  179. Rudy/Bruce Rucker/Stirling Hormiga Canyon Asimovs August
  180. Kathleen Ann Goonan The Bridge Asimovs August
  181. Tom Purdom The Mists of Time Asimovs August
  182. Robert Reed The Caldera of Good Fortune Asimovs September
  183. R. Garcia y Robertson The Good Ship Lollipop Asimovs September
  184. Carl Frederick Leonid Skies Asimovs October/November
  185. Bruce Sterling Kiosk Fantasy & Science Fiction January
  186. Jeremy Minton The Darkness Between Fantasy & Science Fiction January
  187. Marta Randall The Dark Boy Fantasy & Science Fiction January
  188. Robert Reed X-Country Fantasy & Science Fiction January
  189. Kira Franz The Lion, Waiting Glorifying Terrorism
  190. Davin Ireland Engaging the Idrl Glorifying Terrorism
  191. Vylar Kaftan Civilization Glorifying Terrorism
  192. Ken MacLeod MS Found on a Hard Drive Glorifying Terrorism
  193. James Trimarco The Sundial Brigade Glorifying Terrorism
  194. Ian Watson Hijack Holiday Glorifying Terrorism
  195. Michael Marshall Smith The Handover Postscripts #10
  196. Michael Marshall Smith One One Three Postscripts #10
  197. Michael Marshall Smith REMTemps Postscripts #10
  198. Lucius Shepherd Dinner at Baldassaro's Postscripts #10
  199. James Cooper In Fetu Postscripts #10
  200. Nancy Kilpatrick Age of Sorrows Postscripts #10
  201. Rick Hautala Hearing Aid Postscripts #10
  202. T.M. Wright Rainy Day People Postscripts #10
  203. Allen Ashley D-Leb Postscripts #10
  204. Chaz Brenchley Summer's Lease Postscripts #10
  205. P.D. Cacek Call Waiting Postscripts #10
  206. Peter Atkins Between the Cold Moon and the Earth Postscripts #10
  207. Joe Hill Thumbprint Postscripts #10
  208. Stephen Volk Who Dies Best Postscripts #10
  209. Carol Hightshoe The Final Blessing Tales of the Talisman #2.4
  210. Kenneth James Christ Mind Games Pt 1 Tales of the Talisman #2.4
  211. K.S. Hardy Testament of a Spaceman Tales of the Talisman #2.4
  212. Denise Rininger Behind the Mask Tales of the Talisman #2.4
  213. Sherrie Brown The Playhouse Tales of the Talisman #2.4
  214. Nickolaus A. Pacione The Typewriter Tales of the Talisman #2.4
  215. Nicole Givens Kurtz Los Lunas Tales of the Talisman #2.4
  216. Fraser Sherman Dark Satanic Mills Tales of the Talisman #2.4
  217. Eric Schaller Monkey Shines UR - The New Book of Masks
  218. Toiya Kristen Finley The Avatar of Background Noise UR - The New Book of Masks
  219. Sarah Totton Bluecoat Jack UR - The New Book of Masks
  220. Tamar Yellin Strangers on a Train UR - The New Book of Masks
  221. Joe Murphy Bitter Almonds and Absinthe UR - The New Book of Masks
  222. Catherine Kasper The Theater Spectacular UR - The New Book of Masks
  223. Joshua Cohen Last Transmission or Man with a Robotic Ermine UR - The New Book of Masks
  224. Darren Speegle Peace Rituals UR - The New Book of Masks
  225. Jay Lake Ruth Nestvold Incipit UR - The New Book of Masks
  226. Lance Olsen Six: Questions for an Alien UR - The New Book of Masks
  227. E. Sedia A Play for a Boy and Sock Puppet UR - The New Book of Masks
  228. Christine Bokya Kluge Documenting My Abduction UR - The New Book of Masks
  229. Tom Miller The Fifth Tale: When the Devil Met Baldrick Beckenbauer UR - The New Book of Masks
  230. Rikki Ducornet The Scouring UR - The New Book of Masks
  231. Tania Richie Seed Crystal The Pen is Mightier than the Pipette
  232. Fabio Boschetti Scientifically Proven The Pen is Mightier than the Pipette
  233. Andrew Sullivan An Inherent Instability The Pen is Mightier than the Pipette
  234. A D Fisher The Award Night The Pen is Mightier than the Pipette
  235. Peter Hunt Aahlequin The Pen is Mightier than the Pipette
  236. Lana Wainwright Barefoot Afternoon The Pen is Mightier than the Pipette
  237. Andrew poole Carbon Sequestration The Pen is Mightier than the Pipette
  238. Nicola V Y Scarlett Change of Life The Pen is Mightier than the Pipette
  239. Fabio Boschetti The Civilisation of Thought The Pen is Mightier than the Pipette
  240. Melanie Bradley Dancing-Thinking The Pen is Mightier than the Pipette
  241. Laurie Wilson Happy Birthday The Pen is Mightier than the Pipette
  242. Ian Smith Monday Mail Issue 104243 The Pen is Mightier than the Pipette
  243. Jon Darbro The Strange Case of Poultry Petite The Pen is Mightier than the Pipette
  244. Murray Hall RompeCabeza The Pen is Mightier than the Pipette
  245. Albert Trajstman The Journal Club The Pen is Mightier than the Pipette
  246. Sonja Dominik The Language of Science The Pen is Mightier than the Pipette
  247. Barbara Robson The Love of the Poets The Pen is Mightier than the Pipette
  248. Marty Young The Shoe The Pen is Mightier than the Pipette
  249. Astrid Zeman The War with Ourselves The Pen is Mightier than the Pipette
  250. David Carroll Two Zombies All Tomorrow's Zombies
  251. David Carroll Rose Tea All Tomorrow's Zombies
  252. Dave Hoing As the Crow Flies Hub #23
  253. Ian McHugh Requiem in D Minor Hub #24
  254. Mark Samuels Ghorla Inferno
  255. Joyce Carol Oates Face Inferno
  256. Lee Thomas An Apiary of White Bees Inferno
  257. P.D. Cacek The Keeper Inferno
  258. Paul Finch Bethany's Wood Inferno
  259. Lucius Shepard The Ease with which We Freed the Beast Inferno
  260. Simon Bestwick Hushabye Inferno
  261. Conrad Williams Perhaps the Last Inferno
  262. Pat Cadigan Stilled Life Inferno
  263. Glen Hirschberg The Janus Tree Inferno
  264. Jeffrey Ford The Bedroom Light Inferno
  265. Terry Dowling The Suits at Auderlene Inferno
  266. Veronica Schanoes Rats Interfictions
  267. Colin Greenland Timothy Interfictions
  268. Vandana Singh Hunger Interfictions
  269. Matthew Cheney A Map of the Everywhere Interfictions
  270. Jack Skillingstead Everyone Bleeds Through Realms of Fantasy October
  271. Eugie Foster Close to Death Shiny 1
  272. Leah Boet The Girl from Another World Strange Horizons
  273. Joanne Merriam Little Ambushes Strange Horizons
  274. Marc Schultz Practising my Sad Face Strange Horizons
  275. Katherine Maclaine All Kinds of Reasons Strange Horizons
  276. Helen Keeble In Stone Strange Horizons
  277. Eliot Fintushel How the Little Rabbi Grew Strange Horizons
  278. Amy Sisson Minghun: Unlikely Patron Saints, No. 5 Strange Horizons
  279. Trent Jamieson Small Change Shiny 1
  280. Sue Isle The Sun People Shiny 1
  281. Kathryn Allen Count Me In Glorifying Terrorism
  282. Chaz Brenchley Freecell Glorifying Terrorism
  283. Marie Brennan Execution Morning Glorifying Terrorism
  284. Hal Duncan The Last Straw Glorifying Terrorism
  285. Van Aaron Hughes Winning Friends Glorifying Terrorism
  286. Gwyneth Jones 2020: I am an Anarchist Glorifying Terrorism
  287. Lucy Kemnitzer John Brown's Body (an alternate history) Glorifying Terrorism
  288. H.H. Loyche The Rural Kitchen Glorifying Terrorism
  289. Una McCormack Torch Song Glorifying Terrorism
  290. Adam Roberts Here Comes the Flood Glorifying Terrorism
  291. Elizabeth Sourbut How I took Care of my Pals Glorifying Terrorism
  292. Katherine Sparrow The Liminals Glorifying Terrorism
  293. Kari Sperring Strong Brown God Glorifying Terrorism
  294. Charles Stross Minutes of the Labour Party Conference, 2014 Glorifying Terrorism
  295. Rachel Swirsky The Debt of the Innocent Glorifying Terrorism
  296. Lavie Tidhar Bophuthatswana Glorifying Terrorism
  297. Ian Whates The Laughter of Ghosts Glorifying Terrorism
  298. Lavie Tidhar Angels Over Israel: Three Slides Aeon #10
  299. Sarah Wagner Battle Brothers Afterburn SF
  300. Nyki Blatchley Heirloom Afterburn SF
  301. Christine Lucas Plague Chalice Afterburn SF
  302. Jason Gross The White Devils Afterburn SF
  303. Jonathan C. Gillespie Eee Afterburn SF
  304. Larry Hodges Forever Underfoot Afterburn SF
  305. Chris Ward Joyriders Afterburn SF
  306. Rupert Merkin These Arms, and Her Afterburn SF
  307. Michael Merriam Twenty One Afterburn SF
  308. Daniel I Russell Belvedere's House Afterburn SF
  309. Brenda Cooper Alien Graveyard Alienskin
  310. Patrick Bishop Class Alienskin
  311. Blu Gilliand Deadliest Catch Alienskin
  312. Brick Marlin Decrepit Alienskin
  313. Andrew Knighton The Extra Mila Alienskin
  314. Kelly Madden Fat Free Alienskin
  315. Tara Kolden Hunting the Gowk Alienskin
  316. Brian Malone Innocent Alienskin
  317. Angie Smibert The Music of Numbers Alienskin
  318. Michael A. Kechula A National Emergency Alienskin
  319. Blythe Ayne Pagoda Dragon Alienskin
  320. Dave Creek Some Distant Shore Analog September
  321. Joseph P. Martino A Bridge in Time Analog October
  322. Kim Zimring My Heart is as Dry as Dust Asimovs September
  323. Ted Kosmatka The Prophet of Flores Asimovs September
  324. Jason K Chapman For the Love of Jazz COSMOS 17
  325. Jennifer Brinn Elephants Never Forget Coyote Wild October
  326. Ian McHugh The Greatest Adventure of All Coyote Wild October
  327. Matt Betts Elvis and Gretel in the Woods Beyond the Railroad Tracks Coyote Wild October
  328. Greg Story Endangered Species Coyote Wild October
  329. Lee Anne Sontheimer Murphy Mirror, Mirror Coyote Wild October
  330. Jenny Schwartz Nightmare at the Nursing Home Coyote Wild October
  331. James Steimle Pearl of Great Price Coyote Wild October
  332. Aliette de Bodard Sea Child Coyote Wild October
  333. Erica Naone Toxicity Coyote Wild October
  334. Bartholomew von Klick Photomancer Coyote Wild October
  335. Jennifer Linnaea Uluru Coyote Wild October
  336. Eugie Foster The Music Company Hub #26
  337. Kenneth B Chiacchia House Trainer Hub #27
  338. Gareth D Jones Inside Every Successful Man Hub #28
  339. Steven Saville Night of Falling Stars Intergalactic Medicine Show 6 October
  340. M. John Harrison The Good Detective Interzone #209
  341. David Kaysen Tears for Godzilla Interzone #209
  342. Alison Campbell-Wise Little Red Jabberwocky 3
  343. Jennifer Rachel Baumer The Forgotten Tastes of Chocolate and Joy Jabberwocky 3
  344. Lynne Jamneck The Morphology of Snow Jabberwocky 3
  345. Karina Summer-Smith On a Day that has No Name Jabberwocky 3
  346. C L Hellison This Reflection of Me Jabberwocky 3
  347. E Catherine Tobler Going Among the Mad People Jabberwocky 3
  348. Ian Creasey Demonstration Day Jim Baen's Universe February
  349. John Barnes An Ocean is a Snowflake, Four Billion Miles Away Jim Baen's Universe August
  350. Edward M. Lerner At the Watering Hole Jim Baen's Universe August
  351. Carl Frederick Concentration of Dogs Jim Baen's Universe August
  352. Carrie Vaughn Free Space Jim Baen's Universe August
  353. James P. Hogan Murphy's War Jim Baen's Universe August
  354. L.E. Modesitt Jr The Lord-Protector's Daughter Jim Baen's Universe August
  355. Laura Resnick Creation: The Launch! Jim Baen's Universe August
  356. Kristine Kathryn Rusch Dark Corners Jim Baen's Universe August
  357. Gary Cuba Mrs Schrodinger's Cat Jim Baen's Universe August
  358. S.E. Ward Squish Jim Baen's Universe August
  359. Forrest Aguirre Stickmen Lone Star Stories
  360. Claude Lalumiere Odd Jack, King of Mountains Lone Star Stories
  361. Kealan Patrick Burke Cobwebs Postscripts #11
  362. Mikal Trimm Waiting for Dawn Postscripts #11
  363. Dave Hoing Servant of the Stone Postscripts #11
  364. Forrest Aguirre The Saint of the Bells Postscripts #11
  365. Steve Aylett Bossanova Postscripts #11
  366. Matthew Rossi Mischief Maker and the Bones and Blood of Giants Postscripts #11
  367. Richard Paul Russo The King's Physician Postscripts #11
  368. Eric Schaller Talking at Sixty Watts Postscripts #11
  369. David Barnett State of Grace Postscripts #11
  370. Christopher Harman Behind the Clouds: In Front of the Sun Postscripts #11
  371. Richard Parks A Touch of Hell Realms of Fantasy April
  372. Noreen Doyle The Rope: A New Tale of Antique Lands Realms of Fantasy April
  373. Trent Hergenrader Black Jack Davy Realms of Fantasy April
  374. Jean Graham Ice Moon Spirit Renard's Menagerie #2
  375. Eric Donelson Wild City: Hunt Renard's Menagerie #2
  376. Michael Bard Hunters Renard's Menagerie #2
  377. Christine Lucas Nine Lives Renard's Menagerie #2
  378. Jeffrey Thomas In His Sights Solaris Book of New Science Fiction
  379. Neal Asher Bioship Solaris Book of New Science Fiction
  380. Theodora Goss Catherine and the Satyr Strange Horizons Oct
  381. Lavie Tidhar The Master Strange Horizons Oct
  382. Jason Stoddard Making payments Strange Horizons Oct
  383. Lisa Tuttle Old Mr. Boudreaux Subterranean #7
  384. Rick Bowes The King of the Big Night Hours Subterranean #7
  385. Jeffrey Ford Under the Bottom of the Lake Subterranean #7
  386. Joel and John Lane and Pelan City of Night Subterranean #7
  387. Jeff Parish That Ain't a Mosey Triangulation: End of Time
  388. Idan Cohen Late Triangulation: End of Time
  389. Jetse de Vries Near Absolute Zero Triangulation: End of Time
  390. Michael Stone The Bridge Triangulation: End of Time
  391. Kurt Kirchmeier Surface Tension Triangulation: End of Time
  392. D K Latta Conversation In an English Pub Triangulation: End of Time
  393. Ashley Arnold Time’s Arrow is Not Your Enemy Triangulation: End of Time
  394. Matthew Johnson When We Have Time Triangulation: End of Time
  395. Rebecca W Day Hurricane Watch Triangulation: End of Time
  396. Trent Walters This is the Way the World Ends Triangulation: End of Time
  397. Scott Almes Defender Triangulation: End of Time
  398. Jessica E Kaiser Ice Age Triangulation: End of Time
  399. Terry Hayman The Shopping Cart People Triangulation: End of Time
  400. Katherine Shaw Final Episode Triangulation: End of Time
  401. Jared Axelrod In the Belly of the Desert Triangulation: End of Time
  402. Sue Burke Think Kindly of our Fossils Triangulation: End of Time
  403. Geoffrey Thorne Eshu and the Anthropic Principle Triangulation: End of Time
  404. Kristine Kathryn Rusch Craters Weapons of War
  405. Geoffrey Landis David in the Lion's Den Weapons of War
  406. Paul J. McAuley Rocket Boy Weapons of War
  407. Dena Taylor Jade Angel Weapons of War
  408. Mark L. Van Name Broken Bits Weapons of War
  409. James H. Cobb The First Cup of Coffee War Weapons of War
  410. Michael A. Burstein The Soldier Within Weapons of War
  411. L.E. Modesitt Jr Spec-Ops Weapons of War
  412. William H. Keith The Weapon Weapons of War
  413. Brendan DuBois The Looking Glass War Weapons of War
  414. Michael Z Williamson Humans Call it Duty Weapons of War
  415. Brian Stableford Casualty Weapons of War
  416. Joe R. Lansdale Deadman's Road Weird Tales #343
  417. Holly Phillips The Dead Boy Weird Tales #343
  418. K.D. Wentworth The Red and the Green Weird Tales #343
  419. Michael Shea The Pool Weird Tales #343
  420. Michael Northrop After the Election Weird Tales #343
  421. Maurice Broaddus In the Shadows of Meido Apex Online
  422. D.K. Thompson Last Respects Apex Online
  423. James Swingle Corpses and Gang Bangs and Bears Black Ink Horror #1
  424. Mark Tullis Drawing Flies Black Ink Horror #1
  425. Kurt Dinan Long Time Gone Chizine #34
  426. Barrie Alexander Hatchie Bottom Chizine #34
  427. Alex Wilson Shooting Dogs for Fun and Profit Chizine #34
  428. David Richards Snow Rose Crimson Highway
  429. Tom Sheehan The Salting Crimson Highway
  430. J.A. Tyler As a Kid Crimson Highway
  431. Bill West Sail Away Crimson Highway
  432. Holly Black Going Ironside Endicott Studio
  433. Steve Berman Bittersweet Endicott Studio
  434. O.R. Melling The Mountain King and His Sky Bride Endicott Studio
  435. Catherynne M. Valente La Serenissima Endicott Studio
  436. Gwenda Bond Cassie Says Endicott Studio
  437. Youmans Marly Seven Crooked Tinies Fantasy #6
  438. Kemnitzer Lucy The Boulder Fantasy #6
  439. Kail Andrea Soft, Like a Rabbit Fantasy #6
  440. Ray Vukcevich Cold Comfort Fantasy and Science Fiction July
  441. M.K. Hobson Powersuit Fantasy and Science Fiction July
  442. Paolo Bacigalupi Small Offerings Fast Forward 1
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