girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Dozois YB Honourable Mentions list

Simon Brown "Tarans", ASIM 24
Jack Dann "King of the Mountain", Postscripts 9
Jack Dann "The Method", Postscripts 7
Terry Dartnall "The Thirteenth City:, Oceans of the Mind
Stephen Dedman "The Dead of Winter", Weird Tales
Margo Lanagan "A Fine Magic", Eidolon 1
Marago Lanagan "A Good Heart", Red Spikes
Chris Lawson "The Day I Go Outside", Cosmos
Garth Nix "Dog Soldiers" Jim Baens Universe Issue 2
Alastair Ong "The Legend of Grandmother June", Eidolon 1
Gillian Polack "Horrible Historians" Subterranean Press issue 4
Lucy Sussex "The Revenant" Eidolon 1
Anna Tambour "The Syncopation Streak", Polyphony 6
Sean Williams and Shane Dix "Night of the Dolls", Elemental

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