girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Last Short Story Project

Well, it's January 2 and I am finally sitting on the other side of Last Short Story 2007. The last two weeks were a long haul but I am done. (Note - done and completed are two very different things).

I am about to post my Year's Best List for Australian Fiction published in 2007. The full Year's Best List will have to wait - there's a lot more in that read pile and it'll take a bit of fiddling but it will be out soon.

The exciting news is that Last Short Story 2008 is going to team up with Jonathan Strahan for his Year's Best Collection. Yep. We're going to be helpful readers for him. Some might say suckers but not me! Nosiree! I LOVE this. LOVE it. LOVE. IT.

And so ... whilst I sit here with my Year's Best List in one hand, I have my current to read list in the other: 3/168.
Tags: last short story
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