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My 2007 Recommended Reading List - Aussie Specfic Short Stories

Recommended Reading List

The Final Forgetting by Phillip A Ellis, Antipodean SF Issue 104
Demons of Fear by Jennifer Fallon, ASIM Issue 27
Burning Bright by Kylie Seluka, Fantastic Wonder Stories
Holiday by Liam Rands, Hub Issue 1
The Bluebell Vengeance by Tansy Rayner Roberts, ASIM Issue 28
Centenary by Stephen Dedman, Cosmos Issue 14
The Shoe in SHOES' Window by Anna Tambour, Interfictions
Nigella and the Clockwork Man, by George Ivanoff, Shadow Plays
Habilis by Richard Kerslake, Potato Monkey Issue 5
Sufficiently Advanced by Stephen Dedman, New Ceres Issue 2
Theatre Review by Alexandra Piece, New Ceres Issue 2
John Wayne by Ben Peek, Aurealis Issue 37
In the Arms of Medusa, by Nathan Burrage, Orb 7
Lion's Breath by Miranda Siemienowicz, Island Issue 108
Glory by Greg Egan, The New Space Opera
Where is Brisbane and How Many Times Do I Get There? by Paul Haines, Fantastical Journeys to Brisbane
Dead Lovers by A M Muffaz, Reflections Edge
Little Green Apples by Angela Slatter, Antipodean SF Issue 110
Truckers by Dirk Flinthart, ASIM Issue 30
Induction by Greg Egan, Foundation 100
The Jeweller of Second-Hand Roe by Anna Tambour, Subterranean Issue 7
Night with the Stars Askew by Rjurik Davidson, The Workers Paradise
Black and Bitter by Nathan Burrage, The Workers Paradise
Networking for Dummies by Dirk Flinthart, The Workers Paradise
Blurred Horizons by Bren MacDibble, Shiny Issue 2
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