girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

ASif! Fairy

We had a bit of end of year fun at ASif! with some of us participating in an ASif! Fairy exchange.

I got visited last night by the ASif! Fairy by mail! I got a lovely card from the fairy herself, some yummy chockies and a beautiful piece of fabric! What a lovely gift! Thank you so much whoever was my fairy - so very thoughtful!


No internet. At home. Still. I hate Telstra. A lot. I could bore you with the details but ... you know... they are boring. So I should have it by Friday. I hope. But then. I have abandoned all hope with the whole thing so... kathrynlinge kindly came on Monday and set up all my wireless. So ... I really really hope I have internet by the weekend. I am so behind on LSS I cannot even bear to think about it.

Shiny 3 is in proofing stage which is cool (and on track).
2012 is in all sorts of various stages across the stories. It looks like a mess but soon some of the proofs will be finalised and get handed over to catsparx and reduce my to do list. Allowing me to get stuck into my e-normous ASif! To Do List.
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