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In the interests of ... well... me!

So I was feeling rather low and miserable on Sunday and I didn't want to. I didn't want to feel weak and powerless so I decided to take control. I've been ruminating and wallowing just a tad (ha!) and well .. it's not healthy and it doesn't get me anywhere but sad and hurt. I caught Oprah one day this week and they were talking about how when you focus on something small you make it very big. So I was thinking ... how bout I spend January on detox from thinking about the ex? Why don't I work on letting it go? Cause .. it's gone. And I can't move on until I let it go and I can't be ready to meet new people until I let it go and I can't be happy until I let it go.

So I figured that the best thing to do was get myself a big ol' enormous to do list to concentrate on. It will keep my head busy so I can break bad thought habits and it will be productive so I will feel like I am getting somewhere and has the added bonus of massive achievement by the end of the month. Also, I thought I would address things on the list that I need to do to move on. Cause I've been kinda not doing some of them just yet. The hope is that by the end of January, I would feel ready to write a 2008 to do list because I would have put 2007 behind me. And for all this .. I also earn me some kind of reward (yet to be decided).

Here's my list:

1. Finish properly moving into my new place
2. Lose 2kg
3. Release Shiny Issue 3
4. Send 2012 to layout
5. Read 360 short stories for LSS 2008
6. Complete 2 Sea Rescue Shifts
7. Have a family housewarming afternoon tea
8. Plan a housewarming party
9. Watch and review 4 episodes of Buffy
10. Set a 2008 Budget and get it on track
11. Get a puppy of my own (thinking maybe this would be a cool bday gift)
12. Watch 2 movies out of my DVD collection
13. Finish blogging up all the 2007 LSS stories I liked
14. Write 4 reviews for ASif!
15. Read 2 books for fun
16. Put all my knitted baby goods up on my etsy store
17. Finish my Arc de Triomph cross stitch
18. Use up one of my body butters

So yeah it's a long list but each thing is there to work on an aspect of feeling better about myself and my life. I'm quite proud of it, looking at it now, especially if I get it done!!! Am working like mad currently on items 1 through 4. Tomorrow I start Pilates at work and next week I will be adding Yoga. And I have given up sugar in my coffee and soft drink (eep).

Because of budget issues and extravangant spending of the past (for which I am now sorely regretful for), 2008 is going to be about finishing things: projects, reading piles and things that I have already started. This should limit my spending in recreational areas without limiting activity and make me feel better about things as I get down when I look at all the books I have bought that I have not read and all the craft projects I have started and moved on with. It should end up being a really productive year, I think.
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