girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

ASif! Donation Drive Raffle Prize Winners!

New winners for the prize draw:

Stephanie Campisi, Thomas Bull, Anna Hepworth, idling, deborahb, frankwu, Devin J, Carol Ryles, Peter Ball, Kylie Seluka.

Contact me to choose your prize.

Donations made whilst there are still prizes to win are eligible for the draw.

Thank you for your support. The total raised as of today is $2070.

2 copies of Troy
2 copies of Fantastic Wonder Stories (multiple Aurealis Award nominations)
1 copy of The Workers Paradise
1 copy of Encounters
1 copy of Elsewhere
1 copy of Outcast
1 email tarot reading
1 phone tarot reading
1 interpretation of the personal planets of an astrology chart
1 reiki treatment(in person is best, but can do distance healing as well)
1 facial massage
1 copy The Mother, 1 copy Prismatic, 1 copy Carnies - choose an ex-judging copy
2 copies of Borderlands Issue 9
1 copy of Scale of Dragon, Tooth of Wolf by Sue Isle
1 copy of Wolf Children by Sue Isle
2 copies Flashspec Vol 2
2 copies of Backstreets by Robert Hood
1 set of the four Shades novels by Robert Hood
2 copies of Crosstown Traffic edited by Stuart Coupe, Julie Ogden & Robert Hood
1 signed copy of Fivefold by Nathan Burrage (due out in January)
1 copy of In Bad Dreams
1 copies of C0ck
2 copies of the Issue 1 of Henry & Gil vs the Infinity Engine by Grant Watson and Edward J. Grug III
1 copy of Polyphony 6
1 copy of Swans Over the Moon by Forrest Aguirre
5 copies of Fables and Reflections
2 copies of Bad Case of Loving You by Laney Cairo
4 copies of Shiny Issue 1
5 copies of New Ceres Issue 2
1 copy of Potato Monkey Issue 5 (the final issue!!)
1 copy of Winterbirth by Brian Ruckley
1 copy of The Iron Grail, Book 2 of the Merlin Codex by Robert Holdstock

Winners Alex Pierce (26 Lies, One Truth, Gastronomicon), Ian Mond (Angriest Video Clerk), Martin Livings (26 Lies, One Truth), Gary Kemble (Daikaiju 3), Robert Hook (surprise), Ben Payne (Dalek pack), Chris Barnes (Sea Castle, Polyphony), Cat Sparks (Dalek pack, Swans Over the Moon), Rachel Holkner (ASIM Subscription), Matthew Farrer (surprise), Garth Nix (Dalek pack), Bren MacDibble (The Worker’s Paradise), Thomas Bull (Fables and Reflections), Phill Berrie (Celtika), Tehani Wessely (C0ck)

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