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Short Stories Read in 2008

Just my new ongoing tally of what I have read this year.

For my own records really.

  1. Martin Turton The Forgotten Allegory January
  2. Ami Chopine Junk Drawer Allegory January
  3. Ty Drago Arrows Allegory January
  4. Jessica Kaiser As Books Do Allegory January
  5. J.C. Tabler A Question of Freedom Allegory January
  6. James Hart Astraea's Return Allegory January
  7. Tony Williams Fortune's Favor Allegory January
  8. Devin Miller Flipping Unlucky Allegory January
  9. Corie Ralston Big, Brave Rita Allegory January
  10. Joanne Hall The Unicorn Problem Afterburn SF December
  11. Lindsey Duncan Chatter Me Timbers Afterburn SF December
  12. Anthony Kendall Jastice Afterburn SF December
  13. Jonathan S. Pembrook The Drunken Thinbeard Afterburn SF December
  14. John Kratman Barrier Afterburn SF December
  15. Douglas Kolacki The Shadow Afterburn SF December
  16. Simon Petrie Fomalhaut 451 Antipodean SF #116
  17. Glenn Davies In His Image Antipodean SF #116
  18. Michael Schaper A Paper Man Antipodean SF #116
  19. Ben Payne Risk Assessment Antipodean SF #116
  20. Shaun A. Saunders ZAN Antipodean SF #116
  21. Peter MacGregor Ally's Torment Antipodean SF #116
  22. David Such Immigration Antipodean SF #116
  23. Ashley Arnold Gersnback's Monkeys Antipodean SF #116
  24. Derek Smith Mobile Phones Are Addictive Antipodean SF #116
  25. Alan Dawson The Wall Antipodean SF #116
  26. David Kernot The Theory of Stringing Someone Along Antipodean SF #116
  27. Will McIntosh Unlikely Asimovs January
  28. Deborah Coates The Whale's Lover Asimovs January
  29. Tim Pratt The River Boy Clarkesworld #16
  30. Brian Ames Debris Ensuing from a Supervortex Clarkesworld #16
  31. Toiya Kristen Finley Chronicle of a Doomed Librarian Dog versus Sandwich January
  32. Amber Van Dyk As Soon as Summer Fantasy December
  33. Caroline M. Yoachim Time to Say Goodnight Fantasy December
  34. Kelly Barnhill Notes on the Untimely Death of Ronia Drake Fantasy January
  35. Ruth Nestvold Mars: A Traveler's Guide Fantasy and Science Fiction January
  36. Maria Deira Dig The Harrow January
  37. Charlie Anders Suicide Drive Helix #7 January
  38. Maya Bohnhoff Seraphim Helix #7 January
  39. Adam-Troy Castro Night of the Living POTUS Helix #7 January
  40. David W. Goldman The Last Man's First Year on Earth Helix #7 January
  41. Selina Rosen Salvager's Gold Helix #7 January
  42. Vaughan Stranger Family Tree Helix #7 January
  43. Laura J Underwood Drooling Wizards Helix #7 January
  44. Cat Sparks Sammarynda Deep Paper Cities
  45. Sara King Discerning Tastes Aberrant Dreams
  46. Marissa K. Lingen Water, Flesh and Stone Aberrant Dreams
  47. P.M. Griffin A Very Minor Demon Aberrant Dreams
  48. Thomas L. Martin The Shogun and the Scientist Aberrant Dreams
  49. Wendy Webb Children of an Idle Brain Aberrant Dreams
  50. Richard Raucci The Egg's Journal Aberrant Dreams
  51. Mercurio D. Rivera Snatch Me Another Abyss & Apex #25
  52. Ruth Nestvold If Tears Were Wishes Abyss & Apex #25
  53. Phil Margolies Healer Abyss & Apex #25
  54. Brian Dolton At Blue Crane Falls Abyss & Apex #25
  55. Alan Smale Quartet, with Mermaids Abyss & Apex #25
  56. Cathy A. Chance Call Signs Afterburn SF
  57. R. Scott McCoy Daydream at 30,000 Feet Anathema
  58. Barton Paul Levenson Wisdom Anathema
  59. Elaine Graham-Leigh The Wild Man The Harrow
  60. Joanne Hall To Please the Gods The Harrow
  61. Rob Hunter The Year They Invented Frozen Lemonade The Harrow
  62. Elena Clark Miiria's Children The Harrow
  63. Kate E. Runnels Broken Dreams The Harrow
  64. Toiya Kristen Finley Identified: Musings (Attributed to Mardon, T) Farrago's Wainscot
  65. Paul Jessup Mr Water Bones and His Wife Farrago's Wainscot
  66. Matthew Kressel The Writing's On the Wall Farrago's Wainscot
  67. Alex Dally Macfarlane Praise and Criticism for M. Rekling's The Bottle Farrago's Wainscot
  68. Jonathan Wood Between the Lines Farrago's Wainscot
  69. Patricia Russo Why Do They Dance? Dog versus Sandwich
  70. Faith Gardner Fennywompus - A Modern Fable Dog versus Sandwich
  71. Deborah Biancotti Conversations Dog versus Sandwich
  72. Chet Gottfield Amoeba Rules Alienskin
  73. David R. Addleman Nearly Invisible Alienskin
  74. Harry Lang The Thing in the Corner Alienskin
  75. Scott Harper Night Games Alienskin
  76. Andrew Knighton Runners Under the Moonlight Alienskin
  77. Jordan Lapp Under the Blindfold Alienskin
  78. Ryan Maceil Smith The Exterminator Alienskin
  79. R.S. Caliman One of Four Alienskin
  80. Shelly Jasperson Pink Volkswagon Alienskin
  81. Camille Picott Blood Rain Alienskin
  82. Lyn Michaud Category Four Hides All Alienskin
  83. G. Kyle White Dream Job Alienskin
  84. Michael A. Kechula A Stupendous Scientific Discovery Alienskin
  85. G. Kyle White The Garden Alienskin
  86. Mark Joseph Kiewlak Jurnia Alienskin
  87. Anna Sykora Listen, Venusians, and You Shall Hear... Alienskin
  88. David J. Rank Little Appetite Alienskin
  89. James W. Goodheart Meal Ticket Alienskin
  90. Adam Colston Not Like the Old Days Alienskin
  91. Andy Heizeler Resensitization Alienskin
  92. Robert Mitchell The Stray Alienskin
  93. Guy Anthony DeMarco Vultures Alienskin
  94. Mike Resnick Alastair Baffle's Emporium of Wonders Asimovs January
  95. Rudy Rucker & Marc Laidlaw The Perfect Wave Asimovs January
  96. Tanith Lee The Beautiful and the Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald Asimovs January
  97. Silvia Moreno-Garcia The Moon is Shattered Byzarium
  98. Val Cunningham Under the Apple Tree Byzarium
  99. Sandra Paniccuci Too Hot to Handle Byzarium
  100. Toby Wallis Truths on Leaves Coyote Wild February
  101. Matthew Chrulew Head Dog versus Sandwich February
  102. Stephanie Campisi A Pox on All Your Houses: a tale of Singh and Daughter Dog versus Sandwich February
  103. Holmes Gray A Light to Guide Us Golden Visions
  104. L. Upton Illig Oil to the Chief Golden Visions
  105. Eric S. Brown Dreams Golden Visions
  106. David Curtain Last Ten Seconds Golden Visions
  107. Frank Dutkiewicz Lost Potential Golden Visions
  108. Christine Lajoie Golden Works on Any Surface Golden Visions
  109. Frank Roger Gate 7 Golden Visions
  110. Dorothy Sander Friday Nights Gone Golden Visions
  111. Billy Wong Easy Pickups Golden Visions
  112. Paula R. Stiles Life in the Red Zone Hub #38
  113. James Cooper Shortly Comes the Harvest Hub #39
  114. Tony Ballantyne Why Are Rocks? Hub #40
  115. Steve Cooper Brainfish Hub #40
  116. Ellen Phillips No More Angels Hub #40
  117. Martin Nike Ring Road Surfers Hub #40
  118. R.J. Smith Bereavement Hub #40
  119. Anthony Leigh The Chamber Hub #40
  120. Alasdair Stuart Scar Tissue Hub #40
  121. Richard Parks On the Wheel Hub #41
  122. Christopher East The Scarlet Number Hub #42
  123. Ian Whates Coffee Break Hub #43
  124. Barbara Davies A Tinseltown Fairytale Lorelei Signal
  125. Sonya M. Sipes Naked Revenge The Town Drunk
  126. Zdravka Evtimova Panko The Town Drunk
  127. Marge, G.O. Simon, Clark And Who Will Lead Us Now Worlds of Wonder
  128. Alex Perdian Doorways Worlds of Wonder
  129. Michael William Douglas Resurrection of Titan Worlds of Wonder
  130. Paul Hayes Golden Geared Scarecrow Alienskin
  131. Gordon Ross Lanser Put Your Best Foot Forward Alienskin
  132. Seth Chambers Snugglesnake, I Devoured the Offspring Alienskin
  133. Abby Rustad Summoning Quandaries Alienskin
  134. Bonnie Shlakoff Tumbleweed Alienskin
  135. Andrew Knighton Walking the Plank Alienskin
  136. Frank Dutkiewicz Wizard's Brew Alienskin
  137. Erik Williams Dog Reflects on Dog's Life Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens #7
  138. Cameron Pierce Flowers Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens #7
  139. Andersen Prunty Laughers Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens #7
  140. Mike Young How the Hopes Like Horses Scatter Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens #7
  141. Stefani Nellen A Recipe Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens #7
  142. Sean Kilpatrick My Mink Stole Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens #7
  143. John Edward Lawson What? Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens #7
  144. Matt Doyle Vicious (Lunar) Cycle Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens #7
  145. Caleb Ross The Barber Who Calls Himself Ferguson Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens #7
  146. D. Harlan Wilson Somewhere in Time Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens #7
  147. Amelia Gray A Javelina Story Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens #7
  148. Forrest Armstrong Liquid Paris Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens #7
  149. Jason M. Heim Detached Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens #7
  150. Corey Mesler About the Silent Experiment Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens #7
  151. Rhys Hughes A Real Nowhere Man Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens #7
  152. Michael Colangelo Dust and Bibles Chizine
  153. Lavie Tidhar The Mystery of the Missing Puskat Chizine
  154. A.C. Wise Matthew Chizine
  155. Sharon Mock The Anadem Coyote Wild
  156. Maria E. Schneider Around the Bend Coyote Wild
  157. Debra, J.D. Doyle, MacDonald Bad Blood Coyote Wild
  158. Eric Hermanson Ten Days with the Devil Coyote Wild
  159. Tracie McBride Killing a Goddess Coyote Wild
  160. Adrian Simmons Retinue Coyote Wild
  161. Michael McNichols Distant Destinations Coyote Wild
  162. Kirk Kirchmeier Sandwich Street Coyote Wild
  163. Patricia Russo A Feast of Leftovers Coyote Wild
  164. Sarah Layden The You You've Wanted to Become Diet Soap
  165. Jeff Wikstrom The Lives of the Saints: Steve Allen Diet Soap
  166. Jeffrey Selin Words of Mass Destruction Diet Soap
  167. Rachel Swirsky Terrible Lizards Diet Soap
  168. John Schumate A Mouth is a Hole is a Vista: Observing Jeremy Anderson Diet Soap
  169. Michael Savastano Spurling's Virus Dred
  170. Edward M. Turner The Darkness Below Dred
  171. Brad C. Hodson Where the Carrion Gods Dance Dred
  172. Neil Carstairs The Lord of Dark Vale Dred
  173. Jennifer Brozek Kendrick - Broken Edge of Propinquity #26
  174. Rick Silva Luminations - Podcast Edge of Propinquity #26
  175. James M. Sullivan Santa Maria - Gatherings Edge of Propinquity #26
  176. Ian Ewert Vorare - Minding Edge of Propinquity #26
  177. Alana Joli Abbott The Valley Edge of Propinquity #26
  178. Suanne Warr Riding the Dream Dragon From the Asylum
  179. Rebecca Rozakis Mediums Only From the Asylum
  180. Theodore Carter The Whom Doin' Doll From the Asylum
  181. Michael A. Kechula All Sugared Up From the Asylum
  182. Ron Stafford Santa Monica Pier From the Asylum
  183. S.M. Murdock The "Avvy" From the Asylum
  184. Matthew Bey Pioneers and Indians Fusion Fragment #4
  185. D.H. Lei Fugu Fusion Fragment #4
  186. Justin Stanchfield Harvest Fusion Fragment #4
  187. Kristin Masters The Redemption of Krozer Pt 1 Gryphonwood
  188. Ursula Warnecke The Press The Harrow
  189. Jeffery Scott Sims The Legend of the Vulture Mine The Harrow
  190. Carter Nipper Rounding the Cape The Harrow
  191. Mark Allan Gunnells Marked The Harrow
  192. Chris Benkin The Push Bike of Satan The Harrow
  193. Joseph Plaxton The Serpent's Son The Harrow
  194. Ekaterina Sedia The Disemboweler Lone Star Stories
  195. Tim Pratt The Frozen One Lone Star Stories
  196. Patricia Russo The Oracle Opens One Eye Lone Star Stories
  197. Kurt Kirchmeier Graffiti Magic Lorelei Signal
  198. Kelly Madden Sisters Lorelei Signal
  199. Jenny Schwartz The Librarian's Housekeeper Lorelei Signal
  200. Lesley D Livingston Trippingly off the Tongue Misspelled
  201. William R. Eakin LOOB: Love Only Oily Bodies Albedo One #34
  202. Devon Code The White Knight Albedo One #34
  203. Rebecca S. Pyne Boneless Albedo One #34
  204. Nina Allan Angelus Albedo One #34
  205. Phillip, Harvey Raines, Welles Alice & Bob Albedo One #34
  206. Larry Taylor Isle of Beauty Albedo One #34
  207. Nassau Hedron Siren Albedo One #34
  208. James Steimle The Supplanter Albedo One #34
  209. Billy Wong Strength Eternal Afterburn SF
  210. Scott Harper Bitter Souls Afterburn SF
  211. Larry Ivkovich Refugee Afterburn SF
  212. Mark Joseph Fewell Hansel and Grethel, and the Wicked Witch from the East Afterburn SF
  213. Daphne Olivier Rock-a-Bye Baby Anotherealm
  214. Allan M. Heller Once Upon a Wednesday Weary Anotherealm
  215. Marguerite Croft Under Silver Skies Anotherealm
  216. Deborah Biancotti Watertight Lies 2012
  217. Dirk Flinthart The Last Word 2012
  218. Tansy Rayner Roberts Fleshy 2012
  219. David Conyers Soft Viscosity 2012
  220. Lucy Sussex Apocalypse Rules OK? 2012
  221. Martin Livings Skinsongs 2012
  222. Angela Slatter I Love You Like Water 2012
  223. Simon Brown Oh Russia 2012
  224. Kaaron Warren Ghost Jail 2012
  225. Ben Peek David Bowie 2012
  226. Sean McMullen Oblivion 2012
  227. W. Eric Vandever Cold Comfort Alienskin April
  228. Bob Lock Dawn's Kiss Alienskin April
  229. Michael A. Kechula First Day of School Alienskin April
  230. Chris Cheetah Fish Hooks Alienskin April
  231. Tsana Dolichva The Frontier Alienskin April
  232. Bill Hughes The Recruiter Alienskin April
  233. Katy Zeilinger Spiders Alienskin April
  234. Tolu Ogunlesi Survivor Alienskin April
  235. Mike Fincher Caerbannog's New Rabbit Alienskin April
  236. David J. Rank A Death of Dinosaurs Alienskin April
  237. Adrienne Ray Zombie Meth Anotherealm April
  238. Simon Petrie Field Dynamics Antipodean SF #117
  239. Paul Minty Do People Dream of Rescuing Ships? Antipodean SF #117
  240. Chris Pavey The Poisoning Antipodean SF #117
  241. Bren MacDibble Taku Kinu Antipodean SF #117
  242. Shaun A. Saunders A Bumper Year Antipodean SF #117
  243. David Conyers Redemption Slot Machine Antipodean SF #117
  244. Simon Petrie Stranger Than Antipodean SF #118
  245. Jan Napier Oriental Bizarre Antipodean SF #118
  246. Brendan D. Carson Steel Antipodean SF #118
  247. Peter van der Male Return from Avalon Antipodean SF #118
  248. Shaun A. Saunders Golden Age Antipodean SF #118
  249. Jane Brown Where am I? Antipodean SF #118
  250. Paul Ryan Island Antipodean SF #118
  251. Daniel S Santos The Man, The Faun, And The Washing Machine Antipodean SF #118
  252. David McVeigh The Gravity Bomb Antipodean SF #118
  253. Chris Broadribb The Whale Antipodean SF #118
  254. Shaun A. Saunders The Critic Antipodean SF #118
  255. William Meikle A Picture of Hitler Ballista # 4
  256. Laura Bickle Shiny Things Ballista # 4
  257. Simon Vigneault The Wholly Wedded Gift of the Law Ballista # 4
  258. Thea Lu The Nurturing Instinct Ballista # 4
  259. Sophie Bachard A Nazi Medical Officer's Tale Ballista # 4
  260. Phill Campbell Johnny Jackstraw Ballista # 4
  261. Tom Conoboy Well Rotted Horse Ballista # 4
  262. Andy Wolverton Your Picture With Satan Ballista # 4
  263. Sarah A. Hoyt A Grain of Salt Better Off Undead
  264. Dave Freer The Poet Gnawreate and the Taxman Better Off Undead
  265. Laura Resnick The Infernal Revenant Service Better Off Undead
  266. Esther M. Friesner Mummy Knows Best Better Off Undead
  267. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro Genius Loci Better Off Undead
  268. Alan Dean Foster Ah, Yehz Better Off Undead
  269. Carrie Vaughn Gamma Ray Versus Death Better Off Undead
  270. Irene Radford Museum Hauntings Better Off Undead
  271. Nina Kiriki Hoffman My Tears Have Been My Meat Better Off Undead
  272. Fran LaPlaca The Perfect Man Better Off Undead
  273. Jay Lake Two All Beef Patties Better Off Undead
  274. Devon Monk That Saturday Better Off Undead
  275. Robert A. Hoyt Walking Fossil Better Off Undead
  276. Kate Paulk Night Shifted Better Off Undead
  277. Rebecca Lickiss Twelve Stepping in the Dark Better Off Undead
  278. Charles Edgar Quinn Gobble, Gobble, One of Us Better Off Undead
  279. Amanda S. Green Bump in the Night Better Off Undead
  280. S.M. Stirling Separation Anxiety Better Off Undead
  281. Peter F. Hamilton The Demon Trap Galactic Empires
  282. Richard Pitianello The Ghost Pearl Glutonlumps Chilling Tales
  283. Ken Goldman The Jolly Man Glutonlumps Chilling Tales
  284. Jennifer L. Gifford The Dollhouse Glutonlumps Chilling Tales
  285. Lawrence R. Dagstine Coffins for All Humanity Glutonlumps Chilling Tales
  286. P.S. Gifford Strong Stomachs Glutonlumps Chilling Tales
  287. Jeremy Heple The Circular Booth Glutonlumps Chilling Tales
  288. Paul Mannering After Lights Out Glutonlumps Chilling Tales
  289. Philip Roberts Old Fears Glutonlumps Chilling Tales
  290. Georgepat The Vault Glutonlumps Chilling Tales
  291. Norman A. Rubin Figaro, Figaro Glutonlumps Chilling Tales
  292. Eric Enck Corpse Flowers Glutonlumps Chilling Tales
  293. Ron Savage Waking Up Glutonlumps Chilling Tales
  294. Lesley D Livingston Trippingly off the Tongue Misspelled
  295. Ann De Carrasco Wintertide Surprise Reflections Edge
  296. Shaylen A. Maxwell The Lunar Balloon Reflections Edge
  297. Frank Dutkiewicz Fool's Gold Alienskin April
  298. Dale Carothers Hurrycane Walking Alienskin April
  299. Chas Siu Neptune Outpost: Whitechapel Sector Alienskin April
  300. Andy Hiezeler The Pane Maker Alienskin April
  301. S.R. Dantzler Shopping in Denver Alienskin April
  302. Robert Norton The Song Alienskin April
  303. Pavelle Wesser Tentacles Alienskin April
  304. Valinora Troy What the Dog Brought In Alienskin April
  305. Kate Runnels Black Rainbow Alienskin April
  306. R.R. Brooks Soul Snatch Alienskin April
  307. Stephanie Cage Tomorrow's News Alienskin April
  308. Thomas Canfield Anointed by Moon Alienskin April
  309. Susan Abel Sullivan The King's Story Alienskin April
  310. Hannah Steenbock Minkus, the Masterful Magic Mender Alienskin April
  311. H.H. Morris Haunted Roadhouse Alienskin April
  312. Andrew Knighton The Horse Whose Hooves Cried Thunder Alienskin April
  313. Rebecca Herbert Ringleader Alienskin April
  314. Allison Chambers Spaceships on the Lawn Golden Visions April
  315. Bruce C. Davis Alexis Golden Visions April
  316. Christine Lajoie Golden Nonclemature Golden Visions April
  317. Gustavo Bondoni Are We There Yet? Golden Visions April
  318. Carol D. Green Glass Golden Visions April
  319. Natalie McKenzie Pay the Piper Golden Visions April
  320. Weiss Our Past Golden Visions April
  321. Randy Reynolds The Prophet Golden Visions April
  322. Arthur C. Carey Render Unto Caesar Golden Visions April
  323. Holmes Grey Trip to the Zoo Golden Visions April
  324. Elliott Richard Dorfman Perfect for Each Other Golden Visions April
  325. Bill Siderski Grownup Food Golden Visions April
  326. Holmes Grey Welcome to the Brink Golden Visions April
  327. John W.S. Marvin A Swift, Dark Shark Golden Visions April
  328. A.M. Dellamonica The Sorrow Fair Helix #8
  329. Clifford W. Dunbar Holiday in Hot Zone 16 Helix #8
  330. Sara Genge Clapping for the Fairies Helix #8
  331. Robert Jeschonek Why the Cop with a Rose for a Head Wears a Rose Head Mask Helix #8
  332. Ann Leckie The God of Au Helix #8
  333. Robert Reed Weapons of Discretion Helix #8
  334. George S. Walker The Einstein-Rosen Hunter-Gatherer Society Helix #8
  335. Jonathan T.F. Weisberg Tyn and Adia The Harrow April
  336. Peter W.F. Clines The Hatbox The Harrow April
  337. Matt Larkin Mermaid Shells The Harrow April
  338. Scotti Matics Through a Glass Darkly The Harrow April
  339. Brian Douglas Graham The Gladys Report, by Doctor Howard Tilman The Harrow April
  340. Timothy M. Roberts Escalation The Harrow April
  341. Jennifer C. Delisle Noah The Harrow March
  342. Bobbie J. Metevier The History of One Sweet Loaf The Harrow March
  343. Jefferson Ross Waste The Harrow March
  344. A. Umbral Orchid The Harrow March
  345. Travis Lee Heermann Zombies on a Plane The Harrow March
  346. Xeno Glitz Karmageddon The Harrow March
  347. Eliot Fintushel Uxo, Bomb Dog Futurismic March
  348. Leonard Richardson Mallory Futurismic April
  349. Scott Beem Argonaut Fusion Fragment #5
  350. Krishan Coupland Sometime After Fusion Fragment #5
  351. Gerri Lean Life Without Crows Fusion Fragment #5
  352. Timothy Mundie Machines, Post-Humans and the Rest of Us The Fifth Dimension
  353. Carol Hightshoe Heart of the Dragon The Fifth Dimension
  354. Daniel C. Smith theironspace The Fifth Dimension
  355. Ian Brazee-Cannon Full Circle The Fifth Dimension
  356. Genevieve Valentine La Belle Dormant Byzarium January
  357. Frank Schury Commitment Byzarium January
  358. Nancy Nivling You Broke It, You Bought It Byzarium January
  359. Therese Arkenberg The Sorceress of Avalo Byzarium March
  360. Megan Arkenberg The Wolf Maiden Byzarium March
  361. Elizabeth Hopkinson Enter the Komodo Byzarium March
  362. Gloria Weber One Winter Day Byzarium March
  363. Katherine Shaw Silent Skies Byzarium March
  364. Val Cunningham The Lone Tower Byzarium April
  365. Gloria Weber Love in the Hovering Garden Byzarium April
  366. Theresa Tschetter The Purple Fairy Squid Teaches Aiethalynne-Bethe a Lesson Byzarium April
  367. Patricia E Canterbury Red Storm Byzarium April
  368. Esther M. Friesner Gut Feeling Catopolis
  369. Richard Lee Byers Black Catopolis
  370. Edward Carmien I Am King! Catopolis
  371. Lee Martindale Old Age and Sorcery Catopolis
  372. Paul Genesse Kitty and the City Catopolis
  373. Jana Paniccia For the Birds Catopolis
  374. Donald J. Bingle Eye Witness Catopolis
  375. Bruce A. Heard Mentor of the Potala Catopolis
  376. Christopher Welch The Guardian of Grimoire Hall Catopolis
  377. Jean Rabe After Tony's Fall Catopolis
  378. Marc Tassin Ink and Newsprint Catopolis
  379. Elaine Cunningham Burning Bright Catopolis
  380. Robert E. Vardeman To Cat, a Thief Catopolis
  381. Elizabeth A. Vaughan The Scent of Death Catopolis
  382. Matthew Woodring Stover The Persian, the Coon, and Bullets Catopolis
  383. Ed Greenwood Father Maims Best Catopolis
  384. Janny Wurts Cat Call 911 Catopolis
  385. Helen Lowe Red Earth Borderlands #10
  386. Stephen Studach In the Boo Borderlands #10
  387. Lyn Battersby As We Know It Borderlands #10
  388. S.C. Bryce Shadows in My Mind Farrago's Wainscot April
  389. Deena Fisher All Roads Are One Farrago's Wainscot April
  390. Catherine Lundoff Three Views of the Maiden in Peril Farrago's Wainscot April
  391. E.C. Myers She Has a Nice Personality Farrago's Wainscot April
  392. Nancy Jane Moore Running the Road Farrago's Wainscot April
  393. Jessica Reisman Flowertongue Farrago's Wainscot April
  394. Jaimie Ringering Winter Hair Antipodean SF #117
  395. Natalie J.E. Potts The Bracelet Antipodean SF #117
  396. Brendan D. Carson Spawnotrim!! Antipodean SF #117
  397. Paul Ryan Bad News Antipodean SF #117
  398. Greg Wickenhofer Orbiter's Revenge Antipodean SF #117
  399. Peter M. Ball Avenue D: Prayer Antipodean SF #117
  400. Ashley Callender Wildlife Antipodean SF #117
  401. Matthew Nicholls Turing Test Antipodean SF #117
  402. Jenny Mounfield Immortality Antipodean SF #117
  403. Stuart Gibbon Star Light, Star Bright Antipodean SF #117
  404. Ivan Faute Ulysses Behind the Wainscot
  405. Samantha Henderson Better Out Here Behind the Wainscot
  406. Donetta Ditton The Parent Licensing Commission Borderlands #10
  407. Anton Strout The Fourteenth Virtue The Dimension Next Door
  408. Jody Lynn Nye Waiting for Evolution The Dimension Next Door
  409. Nina Kiriki Hoffman The Trouble with the Truth The Dimension Next Door
  410. Chris Pierson AFK The Dimension Next Door
  411. Steven Schend Unreadable The Dimension Next Door
  412. Irene Radford Not My Knot The Dimension Next Door
  413. Donald J. Bingle The Dimension Next Door
  414. Lillian Stewart Carl The Avalon Psalter The Dimension Next Door
  415. Bradley P. Beaulieu Shadows in the Mirrors The Dimension Next Door
  416. Paul Genesse God Pays The Dimension Next Door
  417. Brenda Cooper Jack of the High Hills The Dimension Next Door
  418. Fiona Patton The Silver Path The Dimension Next Door
  419. Alexander B. Potter Hear No Evil The Dimension Next Door
  420. Mary Jo Putney Shining On Enchantment Place
  421. Esther M. Friesner The Face is Familiar Enchantment Place
  422. David McVeigh Man in Grey Antipodean SF #117
  423. Brenton Tomlinson Wake-Up Call Antipodean SF #117
  424. David Siegel Bernstein Apostle Promotion Antipodean SF #117
  425. Charles Richard Laing The First Heartbreak Antipodean SF #117
  426. N.C. Whitehead Blossoms Antipodean SF #117
  427. James Wolton Langolf Post Apocalypse Apex Online
  428. Matt Wallace The Dead Man and the Berserk Apex Online
  429. Jason Sizemore Flash of Light Apex Online
  430. Sarah King Twelve-A Apex Online
  431. Beth Bernobich A Handful of Pearls Apex Online
  432. Michelle Muenzler Spring Cleaning To do List Behind the Wainscot
  433. Berry Henderson What's Faulkner Got to Do With It Behind the Wainscot
  434. Jonathan Wood The Evidence Behind the Wainscot
  435. Jason Erik Lundberg Phonological Restructuring Behind the Wainscot
  436. Louise Norlie The Fitting Behind the Wainscot
  437. Sarah A. Hoyt Heart's Fire Enchantment Place
  438. Susan Sizemore The Devil You Know Enchantment Place
  439. Jody Lynn Nye Altar Ego Enchantment Place
  440. Diane A.S. Stuckart Fire and Sweet Music Enchantment Place
  441. Pamela Luzier Make-a-Mortal Enchantment Place
  442. Laura Resnick Fang Fest Enchantment Place
  443. Phaedra M. Weldon Mirror, Mirror Enchantment Place
  444. Melanie Fletcher Think Small Enchantment Place
  445. Christina F. York Cupid's Crib Enchantment Place
  446. Deb Stover Witch Stitchery Enchantment Place
  447. Elizabeth A. Vaughan Answers Enchantment Place
  448. Laura Hayden Steel Crazy Enchantment Place
  449. Diane Duane Out of the Frying Pan Enchantment Place
  450. Peter Morwood ...And Into the Fire Enchantment Place
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    Yesterday morning, when no rational adult without children would actually go to the movies at 10.30 in the morning, maelkann and I used…

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