girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Bunch of random stuff

I won a tarot reading from mallory_blog! Am quite excited.

It's Monday! WTF?

Am going to have to give in to the fact that my Sixth/Spidey Sense is starting to get more detailed and more accurate. I had gut feeling when I booked my flights to WFC last year that my relationship wouldn't last beyond that trip. And I was right. I had a gut feeling that I would see an ambulance outside my house in this new place at some point. I thought it would be the psycho neighbours across the road but I watched a next door neighbour be put in one late last night. Makes me start thinking about my other gut feelings - I think I will get a contract renewal at my current job, I think the ex will want me to get back with him, I think there will be a dark haired man hanging out with me here before I move out, I think I will be here in this house till at least May.
Must think about other gut feelings I have at the back of my mind.
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