girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones


I had the doggie here this weekend while the ex was away. calla_s and I picked him up yesterday morning and he gardened with us, hung out with me in the evening, moving between every couch or seat in the house and then watched the ambulance thing with me in the wee hours. Then he was here all day today. Now he's been picked up and has gone home.

A lot of the time he was sleeping somewhere else in the house but I miss him. I miss him not being off in some other room and about to wander in here - I keep expecting it and he doesn't. Of course.

In the week I was saying how it had been ages since I'd had him here and it was actually very freeing not to have to come directly home from work to feed him or to worry about whether it's too hot etc. And he gets up in the night, every night, to go outside, which gets old. But now that he's been and has now gone, I miss having some other being rattling round this house with me. It's nice having some other being come in and check on you every once in a while. Now it is noticeably quiet whereas before, I didn't notice it as much.

So now I don't know whether I want a doggie of my own or not.

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