girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

my election post

So I've been out all day but I am not really looking too closely at the outcomes today. I think it's going to be extremely close in the Democrats race and I think it may go right down to the wire. Don't forget they need like 2085 or something delegates so probably every single state is going to count. And thats a good thing.

For me, I'm too excited either way. History is going to be made either way and gosh darn it but that's exciting. I know it's *wrong* to base something so important as leader of the free world on someone's appearance but to me, this says so much more about how far we have come that we are seeing the choice between a black man and a woman - because before now, neither would have been taken seriously. And I like them both so for me, it's a win win either way. I predict though a Clinton/Obama ticket and I actually think they will take out the Republican candidate, whomever it is - because of the economy. And because of Iraq.

So that's my predictions and we only have to wait another 9 months.
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