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I dunno why but this week I feel like I've been hit round the side of my head by fatigue. I haven't done more than normal, last week I even exercised and haven't had the energy this week, I haven't pulled later nights than usual and I haven't really had noticeably more stress than last week. But it's just been impossible to drag myself out of bed in the mornings - today was the first day in this job that I actually got here after 9am. And for some reason I have an incredibly sore knee - so much so that I'm not going to do pilates today. I just don't muck around with knees. Better safe than sorry.

The lovely punkrocker1991 popped by last night and fixed my kitchen light - about a month ago I had him, lyzbeth and kathrynlinge over for dinner and the kitchen light had blown. The ceiling is so high that I had to wait till punkrocker1991 could come to get the globe down so I could even see what it was to be replaced. It turned out to be a fluro in a circular shape (well an anulus I spose). And trying to find a replacement seemed like a ridiculous task so I kinda just learned to live without the light - popped a lamp in the room and just made sure I did the dishes before 8pm. Well, the other week he asked me if I'd replaced the globe and I hadn't so it was clearly bothering him and he came last night with one! And put it in and now I have light in the kitchen again! How sweet that it was bothering him that I was inconvenienced. So lovely to be thought about like that. And! He brought fresh bread. Yum!!

The heat wave we've had since Boxing Day - no day under 32, many over 36 - has *finally* broken. It's been threatening to thunderstorm since Saturday?! I woke up this morning to the sound of rain and thought surely that was just some wind and plants cause yo, it doesn't rain here anymore. But no! It's been raining, and fairly heavily since. It's like I've never seen rain before - the fascination of puddles and having to find an umbrella and whatnot.
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