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So one of the things I keep meaning to post is all the things that I do differently now I am without the ex - there's lots of cool things, like the OCD is wayyyy back towards normal now - and one of them was drinking. I stopped drinking pretty much completely years ago. Since I have been hanging out with different people these last couple of months, wine has been offered around at like almost every meal, and I'm out most nights of the week these days (ha! to the ex on that one!!)

I might have mentioned the sore knee I had on Thursday? Sore knee has kinda not improved and in fact today the other knee has started a twinge. And you know, I was thinking ... oh it could be yoga from Monday - we did all sorts of weird poses then ... and then I was noticing other joints are getting kinda niggly. When that happens to me, unexplained pains - ie no actual injury took place - I have to pull back on shit. I have this ... condition ... because I don't sleep much. I've had it since I was 13. Weird weird things happened to me after I rolled my ankle in a netball game and months later it turned out it's this condition people get as a result of not getting enough rest at night - your brain misinterprets signals like "I am a knee" into "I am a sore knee" so I feel pain but it's not real pain. Which, is kind of a pain, frankly, and means I am pushing myself too hard and likely letting myself creep into night owl mode. Which, I am lately and so I was thinking it must be that.

Then in the shower I realised my ankles hurt and was thinking that joint pain is also a symptom of Crohns and in fact, one of the reactions I get from ... sulphur ... and what have I done this week that I don't normally do? Drink frigging wine!

Like I always say, it pretty much most of the time comes back to diet!!

Gonna have to pull back on the alcohol and the generally living large!

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