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Buffy blogging and things

Just a reminder in case you don't have the RSS feed for Shiny on your lj friends list - Ben and I will be blogging our way through all the episodes of Buffy (and Angel when the series comes into tandem) over at Shiny on Thursdays and Sundays.

As you can see, I phoned home my post on The Harvest last night cause I wanted to stay on schedule but was totally wiped out by the weekend. I promise to do better with The Witch. Also .. I promise I *have* actually watched the episodes recently *even though* Rachel has done well to point out my errors already! Ahh well. It's all good.

In other news, I'm trying out a Subeditor at ASif! and she is trying out me. We are working on getting on top of the reviews backlog in the very near future so you should notice even more review updates around those parts. Hopefully.

I'm dealing well, considering, with the delegation of jobs over at ASif! I'm mostly doing well because even though I no longer have to do those jobs, I still have no more free time in my life but am actually being able to get to other tasks on my to do list. My urgent, current to do list is 3 pages long. That's a bit horrifying.

I also drove down to stay over at editormum's place on the weekend. Um ... bad things happened in terms of both of our time commitments and budgets. And brain space. My mind has been whirring ever since we stayed up till 1am and concocted ... things. Stay tuned, I spose.

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