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I have a capuccino on my desk - hehehe - we have a coffee making machine here at work but I never knew how to use it and it doesn't belong to our group. A new team member is as much a coffee lover as me and this morning she showed me how to use it - which meant me standing and watching her make me a capuccino. For almost free! Nice!!

I bought myself a pretty spiffy pack of coffee on Sunday to use in my plunger so as to give up the bought flat white in the mornings. Extra specially nice coffee to hopefully make it not feel so bad. 3 cups of plunger coffee equally the number of flat whites to purchase the 250g bag of coffee. That kinda maths. Because yes, I am trying to find monies for a new project in the wings. Anyway, this coffee espressos up real nice.

Pity the machine will be leaving in a couple of weeks due to staff shuffling.

I don't often say it, but life is good and I am happy.

Last night I actually went to bed feeling good about what I had achieved in the day. It's been a long time since I felt that way I think. I am loving having the extra admin help with ASif! - it meant I got to all sorts of other pressing backlog issues last night that I have not had time to deal with in months. And they had already had pay back by the time I got up and checked email this morning. And the tiredness of last week could very well have been poor diet. I made a huge effort to load up on protein in all my meals yesterday and I was wide away working till 11.30pm - took me 5 hours to complete a particular backlog issue - and didn't even notice how late it was. And somehow I also managed to do a massive clean up in the kitchen.

Life is good. Protein rocks!
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