girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Today we are sorry

What a truly great speech. Such a moving speech that said everything it needed to say. And so uplifting. Sorry in as clear a word as that. For everything that we should be sorry about. And then a promise to move forward - with auditable commitments and bipartisanship. I hope we can live up to this speech.

And then Brendan Nelson should have just said "yep cool, I'm on board."
So much of his speech was grating and of course the "there is no compensation", the use of the words "good intentions" over and over again (yay Rudd for already saying in his speech that is no excuse) and the harping on about the emergency issues which clearly showed a complete misunderstanding of the role of sorry and the point of it.

We voted the right guy in people.
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