girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Valentine's Day

So I was kinda ignoring it and noone at work made a big deal about it. February was always gonna be a tough month for me - the 2nd was our anniversary, Valentine's Day and then my bday on the 27th. The first year we got together, the ex made a big deal about all of them. And then maybe the next year too but maybe with a little less of a deal and so on until last year, the month kinda really sucked (because of what he did, and even though my family and friends were lovely to me, it can never really make up for it).

So yeah, I was grinning and bearing through V Day cause ... well, I'm not the only single person on the planet anyway.

And then I was showing my uncle and mum out to their car just now and someone has come past and left me a box of chocolates and a really lovely note. If it was someone who reads this, thank you so much. Thanks for thinking of me today on a day that's been a bit tougher than others lately. I am truly touched and indeed feel loved by my friends.

And if it's not someone who reads this ... how do I go about thanking them?
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