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Jewish Parents

So you may recall a couple of months ago I sat my parents down and explained to them Twelfth Planet Press - the financials, the current commitments and the 12/18 month plan forward. When I was done, there was dead silence. I'd been asking for advice or ideas to somehow magically make the figures work.

After the silence my mother says: So, you say that there's no money in publishing? (looking at all my current big fat red numbers on the white board)
I reply: That's what they say (Looking hopefully for some kind of wisdom)
My mother says: Hmm.. yeah so I don't get it. What's the point?

Then my father asks: so how much time does all this take up?
I reply: Pretty much ALL my spare time. And I've started sleeping less.
My father responds: It's just that ... there's other people out there who seem to put in far less effort and make so much more money.

You may recall I came home a tad defeated after that meeting.

I've since got TPP an accountant who's shown me all the things I can write off as tax deductions, and somehow that soothes some of the pain.

Anyway ... earlier in the week, I emailed them both the cover of 2012. The one that has my name and Ben's down the bottom in big white letters. My mother instantly emails back with: How much are they? I'll buy some.
And I respond with: $20 but I'm pretty sure your Mum gets a free copy of your first book.
And she comes back with: Cool, I'll buy 5 and then I can give em to [blah blah uncles etc] and then I'll have the one you're gonna give me for free as a spare. If I still get that copy ...

I have a weirdness with my mother putting in an order to send copies to relatives around the world - it absolutely helps with the bottom line etc but it's totally gonna get put on people's shelves unread and that's kinda not what you hope for when you publish stuff. (Not that it's any different just because you sell em at a con table I suppose)

Tonight I went out to dinner with them. My dad says to me: People keep congratulating me.
I ask: What for?
My Dad: Your book.
Me: It's just the cover and I didn't even do that, my friend Cat did it.
My mother: He's basking in the glow of your reflected glory

And that my friends seems like a joke that you would hear Mrs Leib tell Mrs Cohen ... in other words, the bottom dollar is all forgotten when they have a lovely book with their daughter's name on it that they can pass around and show off. It's nice. It makes me smile.

And the next bit is locked in the next post.
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