girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Reading Week

So I think this week, maybe even starting today, will have to be assigned reading week for me (cough amongst other urgent commitments cough). I actually started last night with Jonathan Strahan's Year's Best Short Novels 2007. Technically maybe not the best choice to get quick runs on the board. I'm not much with the logic in the way I work - I have probably 15 novels/books that I am part way through already. Still, I enjoyed the Introduction and it made me feel a wee bit guilty in reading last year's stuff when I, in particular, am supposed to be helping him out with this year's stuff. Course, that was all forgotten when I started the Kage Baker, which is first up and set in the same world as her story in The New Space Opera.

But really... this week is gonan be all about Last Short Story and my own ASif! review queue.

Like .. starting tomorrow. Most definitely.
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