girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

I always go about things the hard way!

So it's about an hour before people are due to arrive here and it's very different compared to say last year when I had the same sort of get together for my bday. I've taken the day at a leisurely pace - coffee with my Mum and her BFF at about 8am at the shopping center near here. Then we did the food shop. And then it was like all organised so I ended up going out for coffee with the parents and got some fantastic new shoes for Sea Rescue which will also double as walking shoes and I might have bought some more YA books. I've taken the afternoon at a leisurely pace too and everything is set up and ready to go and I'm sipping a glass of wine and reading a book.

Soooooooo different from the way things were with the ex. I was always being rushed and he was always taking so long to do things or wanting to fit ridiculous things in at the last minute so everything was always done on the run. And that's outside my comfort zone. And that may just be why I was so stressed, anxious, snappy and aggressive. I think I am glad that's a "in the before time" for me. It's nice to not be living life every day like that.
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