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2012 Sneak Peek: The Last Word by Dirk Flinthart

What happens when scientists can't be trusted? What if money or revenge were the motivation for scientific advancement and not understanding and wisdom and the cure for cancer? Dirk Flinthart explores the repurcussions in his offering for 2012. Here's an excerpt below.

She's staring at her watch as Lewis comes through the glass doors of the Downtowner. He's half an hour late. He isn't planning to apologise.

Deliberately, Lewis looks around. The place hasn't changed much; an affably battered bar-room crowded with the kind of college students who are short on money, but fun to know. He always liked the Downtowner, back when he was part of the scene, but it wasn't Jane's thing at all. Why has she asked to meet here?

Jane looks up and Lewis catches her eye. She smiles hesitantly, sliding across the leather seat to make room on her side of the table. She looks great; still slim and taut inside a little black dress just like the one she used to wear when they were together; a couple. Lewis returns the smile, but he sits down on the opposite side of the table. There's a moment; her face falls, ever so slightly, and Lewis gets a funny feeling inside - a mixture of satisfaction and shame. He covers it by signalling a waitress, ordering a Stoli and grapefruit juice.

“Nice suit, Lewis,” says Jane, as the waitress disappears. “It looks good on you. I suppose it was expensive?”

Money talk. Straight away, the old defenses come up. With an effort, Lewis shoves them aside. “Yes,” he says, leaning back. “It's tailored. It cost like hell, but you know what? It fits a whole lot better than a lab coat, and because it's for my work, I still get the tax break.”

“Marketing.” She spits it out like she might say child slavery. “You were a good scientist, Lew.”

“No I wasn't,” he says, but it isn't true.

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