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I have a mini announcement on some stuff to do with the Ditmar voting which I'll make as soon as I can.

but I wanted to point y'all who are not yet informed about a discussion group set up by punkrocker1991 to hash out and come up with some solutions to the Ditmar process. It's here:

He is going to moderate it, which I think is very brave, and he's written a schedule for goals that he proposes be achieved at the end of the exercise. I don't really plan to get highly involved in the process. Sure, I have opinions about the Ditmars, anyone reading here long enough will know that. And I have a record of attempting to fix problems if I can identify what's wrong with the nature of things. But actually, in this instance, I'm not sure that I am someone who should be involved in changing the guidelines. I have a vested interest in any and all outcomes of such a process and thus I think I should not be involved too highly in the nutting things out. It makes me a bit uncomfortable, to tell you the truth.

However, the very first item to be discussed is "do the guidelines need changing?" and well ... if successive adminstrators of an awards process are being made to cry, then that surely speaks for itself?
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