girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Ditmar Voting package

Thought I might mention that there are things related to the Ditmars that are fun and enjoyable. Putting together the voting package has been so great - everyone has been willing to participate and helpful and I think we have managed to pretty much track down everything within reason on the ballot. And I've spent the day getting emails thanking me and telling me what a great idea it is. Today totally was a great day! We can't do all your homework for you - you're on your own for the novels and the collections - but almost everything else should be there for prevoting information.

And so not only does this make so many nominations available to voters who may not otherwise have had familiarity with everything in a category but this actually looks like a pretty cool production for it's own sake. I mean, you get to read the short stories and novellas that received the most nominations, nominated artworks to peruse, a bit of the top commentary published last year to palate cleanse after the fiction. It's quite a spiffy little work in its own right. And covers all the gamut - SF, Fantasy, Horror, nonfiction - something for everyone! It's like the magazine the scene would put together if we were to coedit one. (PS let's not every contemplate doing that for real)
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